Track Team Runs With New Coaching Staff

New faces lead track team through 2018 season


Photo by Nathan Fletcher

Junior Cole Mingo running in a race

Sam Klemme, Entertainment Editor

After a fairly successful cross country season this year, Head Coach Chris Gannon was chosen to lead the cross country team at Creighton University. This led to a coaching staff of new and old faces to be chosen for the coming year.

The new head coach, Steve Carroll, helped as an assistant coach underneath Gannon for the 2017 Track team and Cross Country team. “My goal is to grow our numbers as a team,” said Carroll, “Keeping us together for the long haul and incorporating improved off season programming for all athletes will be key,” Carroll said. He hopes to maintain the team’s success and to carry it even further. He likes to keep a friendly atmosphere while also getting down to business.

Carroll has been coaching track for four seasons and cross country for one season at Skutt Catholic. “After completing my collegiate athletic career I knew I wanted to start coaching in some capacity,” Carroll said. He has had some strong role models who led him to pursue this position, “I was very privileged to have such great coaches who were also positive role models throughout my life,” Carroll said, “Their influence has led me to my position in coaching today,” said Caroll.

Patrick Haney is another new addition to the staff. He is currently a math teacher at Skutt Catholic. “My goal for track has always been to push runners to find their limit and show them how to push past that limit,” Haney said. He is taking control of the sprinting section of the team. He thinks his best quality for coaching is his voice, as it can carry across large spaces easily.

Haney has been coaching youth track since he was a junior in high school. He coached for seven years in his hometown of Mandan North Dakota. Once they moved to Omaha, he started coaching his own kids when they were old enough. He has even had success running track in his own high school career. He ran in All-State track his junior and senior year of high school and won the 100m dash.

These coaches will join others to form formidable staff. Their goals are to bring as many runners to state as possible while also developing new and returning athletes into the best runners they can be.

Sam Klemme

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