Allegro Show Choir Conquers Historic First Competition

Newly formed group takes fourth place at Omaha South

Nathan Fletcher, Staff Reporter

Allegro took part in the Omaha South Classic show choir competition on Saturday, the first competition in the choir’s history, to the chant of  “Go, go, go, Allegro! ” Allegro was formed this past November under the direction of Miss Madeline Amenta, making this not only their first competition of the season, but their first competition ever.

Show choir competitions are divided into three groups: open, unisex, and prep. The choir went up against five other schools in the prep division: Papio South, Grand Island, Millard North, Ralston, and Bellevue East. Allegro finished fourth amongst stiff competition, and it is a hopeful start for a brand-new choir.

In the prep division, each group is typically given one chance to perform their show for a set of judges. The judges will score them on a scale of one to ten on a number of different categories, such as pitch and difficulty of choreography. At the end of the day, scores are added up and awards are given for the top choirs.

Coming into the competition, Allegro didn’t know what to expect. “Our goal was to make Miss Amenta proud,” said junior Izabella Lakova. By the end of the daytime awards, they had a shiny fourth place trophy to bring home, the first ever in the Skutt Catholic trophy case under their own name. Now that Allegro has shown the world what it can do, it’s time to turn to more concrete goals.

The competition serves as a jumping-off point for determining where Allegro is going. “I want our group to get to a place where the show is completely cleaned,” said sophomore Abigail Pearson. “I’m excited to see where this group goes,” Pearson continued. Now, the key to success will be repetition. “We need to work on our vocals more and make our moves sharper,” Lakova said.

Allegro shows a lot of promise as it turns toward its last two competitions, Vermillion’s Rhythm in Red and Sioux City East’s Sing All About It. Singers have high hopes for the rest of the season. “It’s incredible to see the enthusiasm and positive energy we have,” Lakova said. With hard work, Allegro hopes to improve itself as a choir as it continues to build upon itself every time it performs.

Nathan Fletcher

Nathan became a member of The Flightline in August of 2017. He is a senior this year, involved in cross country, track, and drama, and can be found watching movies outside of school. You can email him at [email protected]