Mixed Music Genres Create Mediocre Album for Justin Timberlake

Justin Timeberlake’s “Man in the Woods” is nothing to shake a stick at


Photo by Sam Klemme

“Man of the Woods” is available on spotify

Sam Klemme, Entertainment Editor

Justin Timberlake is a mystery to me. I know he has a couple popular songs and was the performer at the most recent Super Bowl halftime show that I didn’t watch. Other than that I’ve had little experience with his music.

From what I know, he is one of those artists that has a song that everyone knows, but they don’t know why. I’m looking at you “Bye Bye Bye.”

He started out his career in a boy band called *NSYNC. The name comes from the last name of each of the members: Justin, Chris, Joey, Jason and JC. After quickly becoming a hit and collaborating with many other popular groups at the time, they announced a “temporary hiatus” in 2002 and never came back. After the success of the boy band Timberlake moved on to become one of the world’s best selling artists.

His most recent album, “Man of the Woods” is supposed to be a modern twist on Southern American music. The title is based off of his sons name Silas, which means “man of the forest.”

To be honest, it doesn’t come together. Most songs are just either hip hop at one point with a random country instrument thrown in. Most songs don’t even sound like and attempt to change the genre was made.

The songs that I enjoyed were the ones that didn’t take much risk. That being said, risk isn’t bad, it just needs to be executed well. Every artist should have the opportunity to change if they want, but they have to make something good if they are going to step their boundaries.

The song “Livin’ off the land” is a great example of risk going well. It’s a bit slower and has the Southern American feel he was going for and it combines well with modern styles.

The first half of this album featured more party songs that have the most questionable direction. These are the types of songs that I can see a DJ playing for a school dance.

The second half was much better to listen to. It had songs that weren’t as pandering to a modern style. They had a little more soul and less rhythms that were aggressive and in your face. This half of the album sounds like he cared more. Instead of trying to make a hit, it goes off the beaten path and makes a bit more interesting music.

Overall, “Man of the Woods” has something to listen to. I don’t like a good chunk of the songs, but there I found myself enjoying some of the later songs. The songs that aren’t just a repeat of the what the radio plays. I don’t recommend the whole album, but I can’t say it’s awful.

Sam Klemme

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