2018 Grammys Disappoint Fans

Annual music awards proves to be a let down yet again


Photo by Wikimedia Commons/ Public Domain

This year's Grammys awards show has generated its fair share of controversy.

Blaine Wikoff, Staff Reporter

For decades, the Grammys have been held in high esteem by many, but this year failed to live up to expectations.

The Grammys are an annual award ceremony, celebrating the best musicians, songs, and albums of the year. The Grammys started out as a fun way to celebrate praise-worthy musicians, but over the years it has become very biased towards a certain demographic or style of music, mainly pop, creating an unfair advantage for pop artists.

When I learned that the rock section of the award ceremony would be completely cut from the airing, I was mad at first but was mainly just disappointed in the end. It is really hard to see incredibly talented musicians cast aside.

Even when the Foo Fighters won best rock song for their hit “Run,” I wanted to celebrate the achievement, considering they are my favorite band, but I was conflicted about whether or not I should, considering how they were swept underneath the rug. Winning an award is not going to make me like or dislike a band any less, but the exclusion makes me feel like the genre of rock isn’t important and it should be discarded.

Another issue that disturbed me was the lack of female nominations and solo performances. This discrimination based off gender has happened in the past, and was upsetting throughout the entire award ceremony. According to CNN, the response of Neil Portnow, the president of the Grammys, was that if women wanted to win Grammys, they needed to “step up.”

What was most disappointing was the potential it had. The Grammys proudly displayed the “#metoo” movement on the stage to bring attention to sexual assault and oppression of women, but gave the majority of awards to men. Women like Cardi B, who tied the Beatles’ record of having 3 songs on the top 10 Billboard at once on her first record, were overlooked.

Overall, the Grammys was very disappointing. From the discrimination of genres to the wasted potential, we can only hope the Grammys will improve next year.

Blaine Wikoff

Blaine joined The Flightline in January of 2018. He is a senior this year, involved in show choir, theatre, cross country, rock climbing club and band. Outside of school he plays bass, watches movies, plays video games and listens to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You can email him at [email protected]