Meet the Artist: Danielle Oberfoell

Skutt Catholic sophomore strives to evolve her craft

Gracie Killgore, Staff Reporter

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Sophomore Danielle Oberfoell has proved herself beyond raw talent, winning local and national awards at the ripe age of 15. She aims to create art to sharing her talent with others as well as using art to cope with the anxiety and overwhelming nature of homework. Oberfoell currently has over 2,000 followers on her Instagram (@artbydvo) that she uses to display her artwork.

What led you to pursue art?

“I’ve been drawing ever since I was little and I kind of just didn’t have anything better to do when I was younger, so I would just draw and color a lot like any kid. It wasn’t until middle school when I started to notice that I was winning contests and I was better at it. It eventually became my thing and that’s what I do now because I always did other activities but art was the one thing I came back to.”

Describe your art style.

“My art style is realistic because I like drawing things that look like real life but I also put some surrealism in it because I like adding different things to make it look like more than just a photograph.”

What are your inspirations for creating a piece of artwork?

“Usually I find a picture that I’m drawn to for whatever reason and then I’ll go off of that or even just looking at the people around me or my friends or things I see outside. Sometimes I’ll even have a weird dream and try to draw it.”

How has your art education at Skutt Catholic influenced your artwork?

“I took an art class my freshman year, which was really great and I started to experiment more with different media for different projects we were required to do. So I would say I got stronger in my technical skills. Overall it’s made my art more creative and also more experimental because I never really used anything more than pencils and colored pencils before I came here.”

How do you find spare time outside of school to create art?

“I usually don’t have a lot of time to do art but sometimes if I have a ton of homework, I do homework for like 10 or 20 minutes, take a break and draw for a while or do whatever and then go back to working on homework. It’s kind of bad, but sometimes I’ll work on art for as long as I want to and then try to make sure I have enough time left over to do homework and school stuff.”

Do you see yourself studying art in college or having a future career in art?

“I would say yes because right now I know art is something that most adults and my parents don’t think is a logical career to have but it’s like the one thing I’m passionate about. I think I might end up studying design or graphic design in college and hopefully pursue it later in life because you gotta do what makes you happy.”

Did you ever think that you would have over 2,000 people following your Instagram dedicated to your artwork?

“No, definitely not, because I started the account mostly just so I could keep track of all the pictures of my art because I was trying to sell some things. Also, it was just piling up and I needed a way to remember everything. Then I got into it more and people wanted me to draw things for them and so on. Now it’s become a hobby of mine where I’ll draw something and art will be my main passion but then I can share it with others.”

Gracie Killgore

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