7 Iguanas Who Are Crushing the Reptile Game

Picture-perfect moments of iguana adorableness

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7 Iguanas Who Are Crushing the Reptile Game

Photo from Alamy Stock Photos

Photo from Alamy Stock Photos

Photo from Alamy Stock Photos

Photo from Alamy Stock Photos

Hope Stratman, Features Editor

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Somewhere along the line, our western culture has garnered the idea that reptiles aren’t cute. We might’ve acquired our stigma against scales from those fearsome Komodo dragon Discovery Channel documentaries, or perhaps it has something to do with a certain basilisk chasing after a certain lightning-headed wizard. Whatever the reason, it’s time to rethink our perceptions and change our opinions on one reptilian friend in particular: the entirely cute and wholly handsome iguanas, of course! The following are 7 photos depicting definitive proof that our iguana buddies are the most wholesome armored friends you’re likely to ever meet.


Photo by ‘karr1213’ on flickr.com

WHAT A WARM LITTLE SWEATERED BOY. This beautiful fella will surely stay toasty in the wintertime with his nifty striped apparel, and he’ll definitely look good doing it. What a lil J Crew model.


Photo uploaded to Pinterest by Parco Faunistico Capeller

Who knew – even their tongues are cute! This silly lady is ready to munch on those good iguana snacks, maybe leafy greens or yummy bugs.



Photo from jokeroo.com

An adorable moment captured in film – an unlikely but dang cute feline-reptile bond. This glorious iguana is spending some quality time with his furry friend. What good pals these two make!!



Photo from scontent-b-lax.xx.fbcdn.net

Here’s a sweet lil baby enjoying those good pets. A bit of affection, and this iguana appears to be purring like a cat.



Photo from iguanaaspet.com

WHAT A KID! This big gruff fellow is munching down on his noms, making sure that those leaves are thoroughly chewed in preparation for his hungry lizard belly. Yum!



Photo from keyscience.org

What snuggly iguanas we have here! These two beaus can’t help but cuddle up when close to each other. Surely, the time of lovebirds has passed, and the era of loveiguanas has arisen.



Photo from repticzone.com

Oh, the Christmas cheer contained within just one picture!


Hope Stratman - Features Editor

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