Spring Musical Auditions to be Held in Upcoming Weeks

Theatre veterans explain the change in show order


Director Mr. Wright and Choral Director Mr. Storm stand by posters of previous shows

Adella Smolsky, Social Media Editor

As many members of the Skutt Catholic community may have noticed, the annual musical, which normally occurs in the fall, has not yet hit the stage. This year, the theatre department is switching things up and presenting their musical, “Anything Goes”, in the spring.

Senior Cal Strawhecker has been involved in nearly every production put on by the theatre department during his time at Skutt Catholic. “I’m very excited; ‘Anything Goes’ has been my favorite musical since the fifth grade,” Strawhecker said. “Anything Goes” was the basis for “The Drowsy Chaperone”, the 2015 musical. “So far my favorite production has been ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’. I really loved that musical, there was a lot of me in it, and it was super fun and entertaining,” said Strawhecker  

The Skutt Catholic theatre department has been through some major directorial changes in the past three years. “My freshman year we had [Mr. Schnitzler]. He was awesome, super inspiring, and it was an honor to work with him,” Strawhecker stated. “My sophomore year we had three different directors for each show. We had Derek Copenhaver for the musical, and then for the winter play we had Josh Ryan, and for the spring play, we had Mr. Wright. They were all great. Mr. Wright was awesome and when he was directing, all of us were just like ‘Oh my gosh I just hope this guy takes the job as the director,’ and of course he did and it has been great since” Strawhecker said  

The theatre department will soon be gearing up for musical auditions, which will take place Feb. 12 and 13, as well as a choreography learning session on Feb. 4. “‘Anything Goes’ is a pretty typical romantic comedy about people who go on a cruise ship across the Atlantic Ocean. There’s a love triangle that goes on, a guy who thinks he’s a good criminal but he’s not, and it’s just a really fun musical with a happy ending,” Director Mr. Will Wright said.

“It’s going to be something really different than what we’ve done in the past because it’s a more of a traditional musical; it’s not current, so it’s not something that is brand new,” said Choral Director Mr. Storm. “It’s very different from dancing and music styles than we’ve had in the past,” Storm said. 

“It has really stood the rest of time” – Mr. Chris Storm.

“Because the rehearsal process is going to be so short, in the auditions we’re looking for people who can sing and act while they’re singing. So instead of having acting auditions we’re doing the vocal audition and having those singers act the song that they’re singing. They need to portray that scene through their song. So hopefully that will help us see who is really comfortable in those situations and make some really good casting decisions,” Storm said

Freshman Delaney Martin is new to the Skutt Catholic theatre department and is eager to become more involved. “I’m really excited about the upcoming musical, but I’m also a little nervous,” said Martin. ”

I’m not the best singer or dancer, but I’m excited to try something new. I’ve never been in a musical before,” Martin said.

Auditions will be on Feb. 12 and 13, with a choreography learning session on Feb. 4. Rehearsals will start the week after auditions with some stage placement. Over spring break singing parts will be learned. After spring break cast members will learn most of the dances, and then it will all be put together and performed at the end of April. Then, ‘Anything Goes’ will take its place among the many successful Skutt Catholic theatre productions.

Adella Smolsky

Adella joined the Flightline in January of 2018. She is a senior this year, involved in show choir, theatre and student council. Outside of school she is involved in Omaha Fashion Week. You can contact her at [email protected]