Greenbelly: Offering Healthy and Wholesome Meals

Eco-friendly restaurant delivers meals made with natural ingredients

Gracie Killgore, Staff Reporter

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Located near 204th and Pacific, Greenbelly is a nutritious and environmentally friendly restaurant perfect for those days when you want something quick and healthy. Although the entrance into the restaurant is a bit difficult to encounter, the food and atmosphere is worth the extra time.

The decor of Greenbelly consists of green, black, white, and gray colors. The chairs and tables are alternating green and black and pictures embellished along the wall add to the colorful interior design. Overall, the design is very contemporary and clean looking.

Upon walking into the restaurant, you see the green and white menu with all the meal options and ingredients listed on the wall. After deciding to try Bob’s Cobb salad, the cheese pizza with traditional crust, and the buffalo chicken wrap with an included side of parmesan potatoes, my family and I walked up to order. The restaurant was very quiet with soft music playing in the background, while the workers were very friendly and accommodating.

Other menu options included Greenbelly’s signature salads, grilled sandwiches, grilled pizzas, whole wheat and lettuce wraps, and other combos and specials. The total came up to $35, which is significantly more expensive than a fast food restaurant; however, we were receiving much healthier and more fresh food. The restaurant appeared to be very modern and the cashier used an iPad to check us out.

After we checked out, the restaurant workers began to make the salad and wrap in front of us with a setup similar to a Subway or Jimmy John’s.

Upon receiving the food, I noticed that the presentation on the Cobb salad was excellent. Cheddar cheese, grilled chicken, bacon, ham, and hard-boiled eggs were lined up in colorful, neat rows on top of the lettuce. The salad tasted as good as it looked, with all the ingredients complementing each other and adding to the overall taste. This was a salad you definitely wanted to eat.

I was handed the buffalo chicken wrap with romaine, buffalo chicken, bleu cheese, carrots, celery, and ranch dressing wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla. The presentation could have been more colorful, but I was fond of the char marks on the tortilla that added some extra flavor. The wrap was spicy, but buffalo chicken is traditionally made that way. I was pleased to discover the wrap did not fall apart while eating, however, due to the fact that I am not a big fan of spicy foods I would not order the buffalo chicken wrap again.

Parmesan potatoes came as a side dish to the buffalo chicken wrap. The presentation was lacking color and order. I was not impressed with the taste because it mostly tasted like unseasoned potatoes.

The cheese pizza took the longest time to arrive and delayed the rest of our food. However, the menu does state to allow around 25 minutes for the pizza to finish. The pizza looked like a traditional cheese pizza with a golden brown crust. The pizza’s cheese was very flavorful but the lack of marinara sauce made the pizza seem dry.

Overall, I was very impressed and pleased with the atmosphere and environment at Greenbelly. I also found it very interesting that Greenbelly uses eco-friendly products for their takeout containers.The green decor suited the restaurant’s name perfectly and I enjoyed the salad greatly, however, the other foods were average. I am excited to return and try more things on Greenbelly’s vast menu.

Gracie Killgore

Gracie joined The Flightline in January of 2018. She is a junior this year, involved in tennis, HOSA and FBLA . Outside of school, she enjoys online shopping, hanging out with friends and watching Netflix. You can email her at [email protected]