March For Life Recap

Skutt Catholic students recall their experiences marching for what they believe in

Kayley Anderson, Staff Reporter

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Picture a classroom filled with students, your friends, people you’ve known since you were little, even people you might not necessarily care for; all your classmates. Now picture a fourth of them disappearing, becoming empty seats.

Unfortunately, this is a sad reality, for at least a fourth of our generation has been lost to abortion. Abortion is touchy issue in many ways, but as a Catholic school, we have a unique opportunity to show our support for the Pro-Life movement.

Every year, Skutt Catholic takes a group of kids to Washington, D.C. to march for life alongside other Nebraskan high schoolers. This year was no different, and around fifty Skutt Catholic students made the 24-hour journey to D.C.

This year’s March, however, was different because it was one of the most challenging years. Issues with buses added two hours to the trip from Omaha to D.C. and continued to create problems throughout the trip. One bus even lost a mirror to a semi truck early in the morning prompting an early wake up for the pilgrims.

However, even the struggles couldn’t bring down the spirit of the marchers who used the troubles to make the pilgrimage even more real.

“I kind of liked how hard it was,” said sophomore Abbi Wendt. “At least that way it felt like we were there for something and not just on vacation.”

The March had a lot of positive experiences for the Skutt Catholic group as well as the rest of Nebraska’s marchers.

“This year’s March for Life was wonderful; I was especially grateful for the mild temperatures,” said Elizabeth Abbott, the coordinator of the Respect Life Apostolate for the Archdiocese of Omaha. “It is powerful to be part of such a large group of pro-life people from all over the country and gives me hope every year that abortion is going to end in my lifetime”.

The weather made marching a lot easier for many of the marchers, who found that sightseeing in D.C. is a lot more enjoyable when you are not freezing to death.

Skutt Catholic students visited a range of churches, museums, and even toured the Capital before checking out historical Pennsylvania sights such as Gettysburg and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s first Catholic school.

All in all, the March for Life went well for Skutt Catholic and Nebraska, but the message behind it is clear. The pilgrims agree that though they love the March, they hope and pray for the day when it will not be necessary anymore.