11 Tumblr Memes to Distract You From Finals

#11 will have you in tears.


Look at that, a bonus meme.

Maddie Mollner, Student Life Editor

Is it December already? Whether you’ve been preparing for these agonizing three days since the first day of school or you haven’t realized it’s a day past Thanksgiving, finals week is coming in hot; and it hasn’t quite hit some of us that all of our memorization, patience, and threshold line of sleep deprivation will be tested in the upcoming two weeks. While some students are ready to take finals head-on, others prefer a different approach: pretending like it’s not happening. Here are 11 hilarious memes to take your mind away from Quizlet for a few sacred moments.

Ah, bagels. The perfect pre-finals brain food.

Accurate representation of how all of us feel after we’ve bombed our math final.

Don’t turgle during your finals…just don’t.

Just think: after Thursday, you can run home to your dog and hang out with him for two whole weeks.

What do finals and onions have in common? Both make me cry.



Can Snoop Dogg save my GPA?

I would much rather have a rice appointment than my history final.

This could only have been posted by someone who is sleep deprived from finals.


This has nothing to do with finals, Morticia Addams is just an icon.

I’m sure those who have to take a piano final can relate to this.

Can I turn in this photoshop masterpiece for digital imaging?

Maddie Mollner

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