New Kind of Production, Same Level of Talent

Skutt Catholic Theatre to produce a district one act


Cast and Crew of "Louder I Can't Hear You"

Clara Pohlman, Social Media Editor

The Skutt Catholic Theatre Department has a new addition to their theatre roster: a competition one act. In the time of year that would usually be dedicated to a winter play, the theatre department has resurrected the past tradition of Skutt Catholic.

Mr. Wright decided to bring one acts back, from a 10 year hiatus at Skutt Catholic, for the sole purpose of giving a wider variety of acting opportunities. “I think getting to experience this kind of competition will be good for the student actors,” said Theatre teacher and Director, Mr Wright. “The festival offers a new venue that will make the actors more aware of their acting limitations,” Wright continued.

A one act is basically a mini play; it is quite literally one act of a script, rather than the usual two acts of a full production. This gives the students more time to perfect and hone in on their characters as well as offering a quality production in a shorter amount of time.

The NSAA’s District One Act Competition (for class A-1) was held at York High School on Friday Dec. 1. Eight schools total participated in the event, but ultimately one winner was chosen to advance on to the state finals. York High School won the festival and will be competing for the state title on Friday Dec. 8.

The theatre department ended up sixth out of the eight contestants, not too bad for their first go around with the competition. Also students from Skutt Catholic such as Max Korensky, Abby Pearson, Charlie Nelson, and Morgan Robinette, received a superior rating for their individual performances within the one act.

Skutt Catholic brought a short comedy which differed from the other school’s heavy subject matter topic such as war, political turmoil, and dark themes. “I really like the fact that our show was shorter and a comedy,” said senior Max Korensky, “It gave the audience a brief show that highlighted some of our funniest and best acting in the department.” Korensky, along with five other students, were a part of this year’s one act entitled, “Louder I Can’t Hear You.”

In addition to the six student actors on stage, the crew of more than fifteen competed and traveled with the actors as light board operators, sound effect makers, and even a whole building crew. The crew had (roughly) an hour prior to the play’s start time to assemble the set and figure out the board operations. The stage crew put the set together outside of the theatre’s garage, and they had 15 minutes prior to the performance to assemble the set on the performance stage. 

Though one acts are a new concept to Skutt Catholic’s theatre department, the hard work put in by the cast and crew was that of an already experienced bunch.



Clara Pohlman

Clara joined the Flightline in August of 2017. She is a senior this year, involved in speech, show choir, and theatre. Outside of school she loves working as a princess for children's birthday parties. You can email her at [email protected]