Girls Basketball: Fundraising and Team Bonding

The Lady Hawks gear up for a new season through fundraising efforts

Clara Pohlman, Social Media Editor

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As fall begins to wrap up and a new plethora of sports and activities prepare to start their seasons, fundraising is key. For a lot of teams, the season is primarily focused on the success and outcome of games and events. But a select few teams, like girls’ basketball, are limited to also encompassing an essential amount of fundraising into their season.

“We put on an annual event called Hawkfest,” said junior and basketball member, Kate Drueke. “Seventh and eighth graders hang out for a couple hours, and it’s all DJ-ed by Mr. Plum,” Drueke continued. A lot of the girls’ effort is used for what seem like trivial give-ins for any team like buses, jackets, uniforms, etc.

The team also put on their first ever lock-in fundraiser for girls in grades three through eight. “It was basically a giant sleepover for little girls,” Drueke continued. The team paired up with 20-some young ladies to play basketball, dance, and have a good time in the Skutt Catholic gym.

Events like these are also good for recruiting future SkyHawks onto the team. “It’s a nice chance for the younger girls to meet high school players,” said Junior Sydney McDermott. “It is also exciting to see the future talent of the basketball program and to have girls meet their potential teammates,” McDermott continued.

Although these fundraising efforts sound like somewhat of a nuisance, they bond the team in a way that the team had has not been in the past. And at the end of the day, the sport and teamwork is what it’s all about.

As the basketball season will soon begin to pick up, the Lady Hawks of Skutt Catholic would love support, not only in fundraising but also in a crowd to cheer them on as they wind back into gear.


Clara Pohlman

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