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Lightning Strikes Again In “Thor: Ragnarok”

Prepare for an emotional journey that — no, no it’s Marvel, just have fun.

Thor prepping to fight  in a coliseum

Thor prepping to fight in a coliseum

Photo by Den of Geek

Photo by Den of Geek

Thor prepping to fight in a coliseum

Sam Klemme, Entertainment Editor

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“Thor: Ragnarok,” the third in the series, has made some serious improvements from its predecessors. Marvel has slowly started to take itself less seriously and it’s surprisingly better than it might seem. Instead of trying to lace in a serious overtone, the movie just decidesd to focus on more humor and action, and it payed off.

Starting with the plot, it follows Thor (and partially his brother Loki) as he battles the villain Hela, the goddess of death. While traveling from earth back to Asgard, she throws the two brothers off course and they end up on a planet called Sakaar. The planet is surrounded by different “gates” that act as portals and throw a mishmash of different trash from all over the universe. Thor now has to deal with the different inhabitants of the planet and try to formulate an escape plan so he can save Asgard from Hela.

Photo by IMDb
“Thor: Ragnarok’s” colorful promotional poster

The plot ended up being too scatter brained. Along with that, a lot of the circumstances ended up being very convenient. The characters just so happened to be in the same place at the same time. Considering the sheer size of the universe, most of the situations seemed implausible.

This time, the movie took a drastically different theme than it has in the past. The two to come before this, “Thor” and “Thor Dark World,” both had the god of thunder taking on somewhat serious themes, and it just didn’t fit. In the first one he struggles with amnesia while trying to live up to his father, and in the second one he struggles with a deadly sickness that plagues a loved one. For a superhero movie, the serious themes just dragged on and it didn’t keep the viewer interested.

Ragnarok is simply Thor fighting and cracking jokes with a very subtle plotline. They even have some jokes that break the 4th wall and address something that would come up in the writing process. Some of the people they cast even helped this theme carry out. For example, Jeff Goldblum, who plays as the grandmaster, is a very sarcastic person. When he delivers lines he sounds like he could care less, but somehow it adds to the overall charm of the film.

The build up to this film was pretty great, except they revealed a little too much in the trailers. The biggest shock in this movie would probably be that Thor meets the Hulk on this seemingly random planet. If they had taken this out of the trailers, the movie would have had something more interesting to watch.

The reasoning behind this is because at the end of the Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Hulk gets lost into space and we seemingly never see him again. If they had kept it hidden that he was going to appear in this movie, it would’ve added a whole new excitement to when he joined Thor. Despite that, there are still some great kept secrets and other tie ins that make sense of some of the end credit scenes.

Photo by Slash Film
The Hulk as he shows up in the trailers

The actions scenes in this movie were probably focused on the most. Which to say isn’t considerably bad, but there were moments when they just needed to end. Almost every scene where Thor fights, he somehow remembers something about himself that empowers him. It almost gets a bit cheesy to a point. Aside from this, each scene is very satisfying as he destroys half an army with lightning and a rock song plays in the background carrying him to victory.

In the end, this movie is a definite step up from the history this series has. Marvel has shown that a good movie doesn’t have to be serious to be enjoyable. Yes, this movie has something moving behind it, but on top it’s just a fun movie where you get to see a guy beat something up.


Sam Klemme - Entertainment Editor

Sam became a member of The Flightline in January of 2017. He is a junior this year involved in show choir and spends time playing video games in his basement outside of school. You can email him at [email protected]

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Lightning Strikes Again In “Thor: Ragnarok”