FBLA Heads Recycling Initiative

Business club teams up with admin to help Skutt Catholic go green

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FBLA Heads Recycling Initiative

Clara Pohlman, Social Media Editor

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Nov. 7, 2017 – Skutt Catholic has not hidden the fact that in the past they have done a sub-par effort of recycling. Despite this truth, the school has committed to cracking down on finding a solution to maintaining a ‘greener’ environment.

Skutt Catholic’s Future Business Leaders of America have stepped up to the plate to ensure an eco-friendly community within Skutt Catholic. Thanks to their “Go Green” initiative, recycling will be better implemented by the FBLA advocates as well as the Skutt Catholic Administration.

“The problem is that people do not think that we recycle, and so the commonality is that we just put trash in the recycling bins,” said FBLA sponsor Mrs Elizabeth Rudden. “But we can recycle so we want students to start using recycling bins for recyclables and trash cans for other trash,” Rudden continued.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, if every American recycled for one year, there would be more than 190 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions reduced. Meaning that pollution and greenhouse gases would infinitely decrease. This saves our earth so much unnecessary gas and otherwise contaminated air. Something as simple as remembering to place a plastic cup in a recycling bin rather than a trash can save the earth of so many harmful chemicals. Everyone is able to recycle.

The common misconception within the SkyHawk community rests heavily on the work study students who have, in the past, been known to mix trash with the recycling. But Mrs Rudden assures that Skutt Catholic President, Mr Moore, as well as the custodial, work study supervisors are well underway in making sure that the green initiative will be placed in full effect. The club aims to bring better awareness to the positive benefits of recycling.

Posters have since been hung around Skutt Catholic, reminding students of what can and cannot be placed in the tall blue bins. Every member of the student body is capable of helping FBLA, and the earth, by going green.

Clara Pohlman

Clara joined the Flightline in August of 2017. She is a senior this year, involved in speech, show choir, and theatre. Outside of school she loves working as a princess for children's birthday parties. You can email her at [email protected]