Seeking Academic Acknowledgment

The Flightline staff encourages scholastic recognition


Photo by Maria Koliopoulos

A graphic done by our Graphics Editor Maria

Alaina Anderson, Op/Ed Editor

Everyone loves to win; whether it be receiving a gold medal or a first place ribbon, people strive to gain recognition as the best in the activities they participate in, and we, the Flightline staff, feel the students of Skutt Catholic need to work on acknowledging the academic achievements of our peers.

When a sports team is headed to their state tournament, it is evident all throughout the campus; the lockers of the team members are decorated with inspirational quotes and team mottos, and the front lawn is adorned with each individual’s name and a wish of good luck as they embark on their road to possible victory.

This advertising is used to inspire us to support our peers as they participate in the most important competitions of their seasons. While this support is quintessential and often aids in the success of our athletics, we neglect to support the other activities that do not receive the same kind of publicity.

These activities that do not receive the same support are often related to academics, such as poetry based activities, various science competitions, robotics, etc. The students who participate in these events are capable of and have achieved the level of success that would be the equivalent to winning an athletic state tournament.

However, these victories often go unnoticed. We are all very busy and involved students, so it would be impossible for each one of us to recognize every achievement of every single student. However, as a whole, we need to try to improve on appreciating our students’ achievements.

For example, our robotics team was invited to a national competition in China this summer, some of mathematically gifted students won several awards in this year’s University of Omaha’s math competition and we have had students qualify for the national Poetry Out Loud competition multiple times.

These victories and others deserve our recognition and support. We, the Skutt Catholic Flightline staff, challenge you to support your peers and their various ventures, so that we may succeed not as individuals but as a united student body.


Alaina Anderson

Alaina joined The Flightline in January of 2017. She is a junior this year and is involved in softball, student council and HOSA. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and going on mission trips. You can email her at [email protected]