7 Chilling Unsolved Mysteries

Jumpstart your summer scaries with these 7 chilling mysteries


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Emma Brisbois, Managing Editor

There’s honestly nothing like a creepy mystery to get the gears turning; they make the mind explore evidence and suspects, even leaving it to wonder what the end result was. Cuddle up with a blanket, maybe turn on a light or two, and enjoy seven creepy mysteries that remain unsolved.

1. The Lake Bodom Murders

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June 5th, 1960 – Three teenagers were found murdered along Lake Bodom, in Finland close to the city of Espoo. Maila Irmeli Björklund and Anja Tuulikki, two 15-year-old girls, along with 18-year-old Seppo Antero Boisman, were brutally stabbed with a knife and bludgeoned to death. The fourth teenager, an 18-year-old male, Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson, was left barely alive and supposedly clueless to what could’ve happened. Two boys birdwatching in the distance claimed to see a blonde man walking from the campsite. The police did not correctly seal the crime scene, causing much contamination of evidence, meaning that there wasn’t a lot of clear evidence to point to a certain suspect. Even though Gustafsson’s shoes, footprints, and other personal belongings were found, it was not until years later that Gustafsson was finally named a suspect. Coincidentally, it Gustafsson’s girlfriend, Björklund, who was the most brutally murdered, Gustafsson was found on top of the tent, and he’d suddenly forgotten everything that he had seen. But, in 2005, Gustafsson was acquitted of all charges, leaving the case unsolved.

2. The Disappearance of the Sodder Children


On December 25th, 1945, in Fayetteville, West Virginia– the Sodder family’s house caught fire, due to suspiciously claimed faulty wiring. Of the ten children living there at the time, only four escaped. Strangely, the telephone wires were cut, and calls placed from the neighbor’s house were unanswered. Mr. Sodder even tried to pull his trucks up to the window, but they wouldn’t start, due to missing engines. Mrs. Sodder tried to pull a ladder from behind the house to grab the children, but it was nowhere to be found. The oldest Sodder daughter tried to put out the fire with water jugs, but they were frozen solid, which is odd for a place in West Virginia, considering it doesn’t get very cold. The Sodder home was burnt to ash, the children’s bodies were never found. The fire was not hot enough to burn the children’s bodies completely, their bones would most likely be left. Many think this was a kidnapping by the Sicilian Mafia. Due to Mr. Sodder’s immigrant status, his outspoken opinions of Mussolini, a fascist dictator who was currently running the government in Italy, stirred up quite a bit of fuss. But even after 72 years, this case remains unsolved. – https://curiosity.com/topics/the-mysterious-1945-disappearance-of-the-sodder-children-curiosity/

3. The Tube Sock Murders

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In the winter of 1945, around Lewis and Pierce County in Washington, Steven Harkins, Ruth Cooper, Mike Riemer, and Diana Robertson all met extremely grisly fates. The men were shot in the head, the women beheaded, all of their necks tied with tube socks. Strangely enough, Riemer and Robertson’s two-year-old daughter was not harmed in the killings, but Harkins and Cooper’s dog was shot in the fatally shot in the head. There are no real leads in this case, except for the tube sock.

4. DB Cooper

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The Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 1971, a man named Dan Cooper boarded a Boeing 727 airline in Washington. He was dressed as a normal passenger, in a white shirt, black tie, black slacks, and was carrying a small suitcase. A while into the flight, Cooper threatened the flight attendants by claiming that he had a bomb, and would blow up the plane if the flight attendants didn’t land the plane and give him 200,000 dollars, only in 20 dollar bills. Cooper then commanded that the airplane to land so that he could have his money, and be then flown to Guatemala. On the second flight, he demanded two parachutes, which he then put on and held his money. Somewhere between 45 and 50 minutes into the second plane flight, Cooper jumped from the plane and was never seen again. Whether or not Cooper was an experienced parachutist is unknown, but unlikely, considering that one of the parachutes was sewn shut. Many speculate that he perished in the jump, but nobody or parachute was ever found. A small sum of money was found in a bag, still, rubber banded, off of the coast of Vancouver, Washington, but none of the bills could not be definitively linked to the case.

5. The Murder of Henry McCabe

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On September 7, 2015, in Mounds View Minnesota, Henry McCabe had gone out for drinks with some friends. Later in the night, his wife and brother both received a disturbing voicemail from Henry, which sounded like gagging sounds, maybe even sounds of distressed sobbing. He wasn’t heard from again, and his body was later found face-up in Rush Lake. The position was strange, considering that this case was ruled as an accidental drowning, and his body wasn’t found in the same lake over the weeks leading up to the murder. No one knows how, why, or even if this man was murdered, but there are a few theories. Henry could’ve been targeted, either due to his shady gambling habits or due to the fact that he was highly regarded in the Liberian community in Lewis County. Henry also could’ve been victim to a violent and spur of the moment killing spree, this could’ve been an organized group, or really anyone. But to this day, this case remains unsolved.

6. The Disappearance of Joan Risch

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The authorities were called to a small house in Lincoln, Massachusetts, on the afternoon of October 24th, 1961. A neighbor called to explain that there was a trail of blood in the driveway, and Joan wasn’t home. When the authorities investigated, they found the kitchen covered in blood that matched Joan Risch’s blood type. Later, a few unconfirmed sightings of Joan were reported, but she was never found. Some professionals speculate that Joan could’ve planned her escape, seeing as she’d checked out books in a local library related to faking your own kidnapping or disappearance. Others speculate that Joan was kidnapped, due to the blood on the walls, and her supposed happiness with her life. But, this case still remains a mystery.

7. The Zodiac Killer

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Of course, this case had to be included. The killer could still be out there, it could even be Ted Cruz. Regardless of the killer’s true identity, this case is seriously freaky. Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s, this killer ran rampant in California and parts of Nevada. His first killings were the shooting of a couple in the park on a date. The killer sent numerous cryptograms to the police, taunting them after each murder committed. He is even quoted saying, “I’ll pick off the kiddies one by one…” referencing a murder plan to stop a school bus and massacre all of the kids inside. The killer claimed to have killed 37 people, five confirmed dead, and was never caught.

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