Homecoming Begins Before the Dance Floor

Students share their pre-homecoming dance plans

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Homecoming Begins Before the Dance Floor

Clara Pohlman, Social Media Editor

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The long-anticipated homecoming week is finally upon Skutt Catholic. A five day venture of dressing up, sporting school spirit, and (objectively) most importantly, making homecoming plans. While the dance itself is the essential part of the night, places where groups go for dinner and taking pictures is what truly makes the time spent together special. Despite there being a multitude of upscale restaurants around the area, Skutt Catholic students have gotten very creative with their pre-dance dinner plans.

Sophomore Abby Pearson’s group decided to lay low in relation to where they would eat before the dance. “We are going to Village Inn,” Pearson said. “It’s not the fanciest place in the world but it’s good food for a cheap price,” Pearson continued. It seems wise to lessen the load on students’ wallets, though other groups tend to go with the more expensive route for dinner.

Some students like a more intimate and less crowded kind of setting and do not eat fancier simply for the sole purpose of costing them more. “We are going to Genji, there are eight people in our group so we can all fit around the entire table,” Junior Adella Smolsky said. “You could say it’s different than a typical dining experience because of the entertainment value,” Smolsky continued. “The chef tells jokes and does cool tricks with the cooking tools.”

But the food is not the only important part of the night; pictures are every bit as essential. Freshman Macy Mollner said that her group is taking photos at Lake Zorinsky because of the convenient location in relation to the dance. Other notable picture destinations include students’ lake houses, parks, and a variety of places downtown.

While these hoco plans reign unique, no matter how a group decides to spend their time pre-dance, homecoming will be memorable for all.

Clara Pohlman

Clara joined the Flightline in August of 2017. She is a senior this year, involved in speech, show choir, and theatre. Outside of school she loves working as a princess for children's birthday parties. You can email her at [email protected]