Nonessential First Impressions

First impressions shouldn't matter as much as they do


Photo by Maria Miller

Emma Brisbois, Copy Editor

A one-time meeting is supposed to tell you everything about someone. Things like first dates, job interviews, college applications, and acting auditions all depend on a one-time meeting. But, I think first impressions are completely bogus.

Especially in today’s quick-moving world, first impressions are seen as the absolute be-all and end-all. The way that a person’s tone of voice, immediately tells that person everything about them. It seems as though first impressions are shaping our society to be void of emotion and uniqueness. For example, someone has a bad day? Better paint on a smile for that job interview later. Your boss won’t really want to know what your day was like, even though they’ll most likely ask how you’re doing. The dependency on first impressions is forcing everyone to be cookie cutouts of one another, the ideal person: happy, hardworking and outgoing. Our quickness to judge eliminates the fondness of individuality and makes the idea of being a mirror image of the “perfect person” our goal.

In a job interview, the things that are said are then compared to 50 plus other potential employees and scrutinized. Even the way that you dress or speak comes into play, and in the end, the boss makes the final decision. Sometimes that can be a problem, especially if the person in charge wants to hire a man, but opens the interview up to everyone. Automatically, all of the women don’t fit the ideal description and are not given the job. Even though this is a type of bias, it can still affect how a first time meeting can go.

These biases and expectations are frequent in anything, especially first impressions. Usually, the higher a person’s expectations rise, the more that the first impression matters, and for the most part, the more that the first impression is disappointing. A bad first impression usually causes people to not want to get to know you, even if you just had a bad day or weren’t feeling like yourself. First impressions seem to make people judge right off of the bat, not really taking time to know you before judging.

A lot of times, the realization of the need to represent this “perfect person” are so clear that people pretend to be this way. They put on an act of politeness, formality and willingness to work, when in actuality they can be awfully rude, disruptive and lazy. Once guaranteed the position they were aiming for, whether it be for a job, theatrical role, or attaining significant other, the persona of this person may completely change! You really never know what you’re going to get, due to the standards set, people are often not as genuine as they should be.

Point being, first impressions shouldn’t have to be everything. In such a fast-moving world, the time to sit down and get to know someone shouldn’t have to be such a chore. It’s okay to have expectations and standards, but sometimes being too quick to judge denies someone their chance to prove how cool they are… or how cool they’re not. Everyone is different, and that’s incredible. It’s time to stop putting everything on a first impression and take time to learn about the person.

Emma Brisbois

Emma joined The Flightline in August of 2017. She is a senior this year, involved in cheerleading and show choir. Outside of school, she enjoys going to concerts, playing the piano and hanging out with friends. You can email her at [email protected]