11 Well-Dressed Animals To Get You in the Hawktober Spirit

Halloween doesn't get any spookier than this


Photo by Pretty Fluffy

Russel makes a perfect pumpkin

Maria Miller, Flightline Editor-in-Chief

Hawktober kicks off the season of changing leaves, endless school events, and pumpkin spice… well everything, however, for many getting into this exciting time of the year can be difficult. If you aren’t careful we will be building snowmen and crying about finals before you can say ‘boo!’. Luckily, a solution has been found, these adorable creatures will certainly aid in setting a spooky tone for this month right off the bat.


Photo by Pinterest
The Great Pup-kin

The story of the Great Pumpkin has been told for years, but what many people don’t know is that the original story was referring to the Great PUP-kin. This is a rare photograph of the original legend.


Photo by Reddit
Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da

This cat’s sidekick is a literal robin.


Photo by Pinterest

Don’t be fooled by the size, Hamsterosauruses are fierce creatures. Ogle with caution.


Photo by Imgur
Patchy the Pupper

This little pirate is making the best out of his disability.


Photo by Pinterest
Cat Skellington

I wonder what diet this cat is on, she is REALLY just skin and bones!


Photo by Imgur
Sneaky Sidedish

This isn’t what I ordered, but I for one am not mad.


Photo by Pinterest
Rockey’s Best Friend

This boxer took his breed really seriously.


Photo by Pinterest
Harry Trotter

I bet his Patronus is a bale of hay.


Photo by Pinterest
A Mighty King

I can’t wait for this adorable lion to be king.


Photo by Tumblr
Count Prickula

This vampire is equipt with fags all over its body!


Photo by Pinterest
Billy the Pig

This little guy did an amazing job impersonating his caretakers.

Maria Miller - Flightline Editor-in-Chief

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