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The Origin of Hawktober

The who, what, when, and why behind the phenomenon

Skutt Catholic yearbook photo of the first ever  HawkWalk

Skutt Catholic yearbook photo of the first ever HawkWalk

Photo by Skutt Catholic Yearbook

Photo by Skutt Catholic Yearbook

Skutt Catholic yearbook photo of the first ever HawkWalk

Zoe Clark, Copy Editor

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Many students assume that Hawktober has existed alongside perennials such as Rendezvous, GrandHawks mass and Angel Flight, but this is not the case. Created a whopping 12 years after the school was founded, Skutt Catholic’s ‘Hawktober’ caught hold of school spirit and quickly became ingrained as a SkyHawk tradition.

It all started with Marie Williamson, the Director of Admissions at Skutt Catholic for the first 19 years of Skutt Catholic’s existence.

In an effort to better the Skutt Catholic experience, a strategic plan with a goal to improve the school and create an identity was created by the administration, faculty, students, and parents. Williamson wanted to create a new part of SC that would really draw in students to attend Skutt Catholic.

“I was looking at the school calendar for the upcoming month and realized every single day was filled with at least one school activity,” said former Director of Admissions Marie Williamson. “Homecoming, Community Involvement Day and Mr. SkyHawk were also in October. In other words, October is a great month to be a Skyhawk,” Williamson continued.

Williamson had been thinking about this eventful month when, a few days later, she was watching the Today Show. “They were going to have a concert series during the month of October, and they said it was going to be a rocking October,” Marie Williamson said. “When I heard that, I thought of the word Hawktober,” Williamson explained. Thus, Hawktober was born.

Hawktober would celebrate school spirit and give Skutt Catholic something of their own, contributing to their developing school identity. It became a part of Skutt Catholic that couldn’t be overrun by other schools, with its Skutt-centric name.

When the Skutt Catholic administration discussed how they wanted to define Hawktober, they decided it had to be about more than just sports and should influence the school environment with a mix of all activities throughout the month.

When we started Hawktober, it was centered around HawkWalk,” said American Studies teacher Marty Plum. “The HawkWalk took place in the fall, and everything else branched out from there.” Plum continued. The first day of Hawktober started with an all-school mass. After Mass, Students went straight into the HawkWalk, beginning the month’s festivities.

The first Hawktober was a surprise to most of the students”

— Marie Williamson

Students at SC in 2004 walked into school that first day of Hawktober and were greeted with a donut and the cheerful tune of their own school band playing the school fight song.

“Hawktober is still my favorite month of the year because of how excited we all were for “the first” Hawktober,” said alum Rachael Twist. “The first few years were fun because we were all the part of something new and had a reason to tell everyone they were pronouncing OCTober wrong!” Twist continued. Nobody was really sure was the purpose was the first time around; all they knew was that they liked it.

Today, Hawktober has become an iconic part of fall and definitely makes us unique from a lot of other schools in the area. There is no doubt that it is considered by many to be an irreplaceable tradition at our high school.


Clark - Copy Editor

Zoe became a member of The Flightline in August of 2017. She is a junior this year involved in robotics, academic decathlon, and many other electives, and spends what little free time she has reading. You can email her at [email protected]

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The Origin of Hawktober