The Next Jimmy Fallon?

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The Next Jimmy Fallon?

Rachel Podraza, Editor-in-Chief

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Cal Strawhecker, a freshman at Skutt Catholic, has been involved with theater pretty much his whole life. Whether it is his past, present, or future career in the performing arts, Cal has never taken his eyes off the prize. Theater gotten him so far, there is no telling where he will be in the next ten years. I sat down with Cal recently to get a first-hand account of his life in the theater.


How did your theater career start?

“It started when I was in first grade. I was singing “Cruella DeVil” from the movie 101 Dalmatians in a talent show. It was adorable. I really liked being on stage and it was really fun to hear people actually appreciate that I love to sing.”


Are you considering a career in the performing arts?

“Oh yeah! Yes, that is what I really want to do. I’m not sure if I want to do more of the performing live or more television and sitcoms. My ultimate dream is to become the next Jimmy Fallon. I would really love to be the next Jimmy Fallon.”


Any other arts you are interested in than theater?

“I have always loved to write stories and stuff, but I don’t really like reading. I like writing and not reading, kind of weird.”


I know you were involved with competitions at the Rose Theater, but how exactly do those work?

“I was in this thing called the Rose Brigade, and that is a group of kids would perform before the main stage shows. We did miniature shows to entertain people as they were walking in. We went to a competition, called The Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, as that group and competed our miniature show with a bunch of other groups from all over the United States.”


How did you first get involved with the Rose Theater?

“I first got involved with the Rose Theater in fifth grade with the show Peter Pan, which was just like Peter Pan Live which was just on TV. I got the chance to play a pirate and that was really fun. I found out about that opportunity when I saw an article in the paper that the Rose was going to do Peter Pan and I just found a song and went to the audition.”


What is this program you participate in while in New York?

“The program is run by a company called Itheatrics. They film the junior versions of shows. So, for example, if middle schools and high schools didn’t have good choreographers for the dances, we showed them how to do the dances. So I was lucky enough to be one of those kids to get the opportunity to audition and then be a part of that.”


How long have you been participating in this program?

“The past two years I have gone to New York to participate in this program.”


How did you find out about this program?

“I found out about this program when while competing in The Junior Theater Festival. The judges pick a couple kids that were in each group that they thought would be good to audition for this program in New York.”


How many people get this opportunity?

“So, for the auditions sequence almost 150 kids audition. Out of that they probably pick 100 kids for callbacks and then they take 50 kids to take to New York.”


What was the last production you were involved with in New York?

“There were four shows: Singing in the Rain Jr., Oklahoma Jr., Crazy for You Jr., and Once Upon a Mattress Jr.”


Based on the path you are on, where would you like to get with this program?

“I really just want to learn how the filming process happens.  With a live performance whatever happens, happens, but with filming you can take so many different takes.”