Over Easy: Breakfast Hotspot Earns Notoriety

Breakfast joint in the heart of Millard brings new takes on classic dishes


Photo by Maddie Mollner

Over Easy on 168th and Q

Maddie Mollner, Student Life Editor

Tucked away at the intersection of 168th and Q streets lies a quaint breakfast establishment known as Over Easy. Although petite on the exterior, the inside seems larger than life through its professional presentation and welcoming and modern design, not to mention the savory menu options.

Photo by Maddie Mollner
One of many interior decorations at Over Easy

Upon walking inside, an array of tasteful and modern decor strung the walls as well as each table. The table setup was extremely aesthetically pleasing, and as someone who appreciates a fine succulent as a centerpiece, these tables seemed to be yelling my name. 

Photo by Maddie Mollner
Table setup at Over Easy

As the name of the restaurant may suggest, eggs are one of the most popular menu items. I ordered the “Egg Boat” with a side of Hashbrown Rounds. The Egg Boat was a piece of side of Hashbrown Rounds. The Egg Boat was a piece of cheese. The Rounds were chopped potatoes and a gravy-like filling that were fried into small spheres. The wait for a table was a bit longer than would be ideal, as I waited for about 30 minutes before being seated. Given, this restaurant is relatively small compared to other restaurants, therefore there are not many options for seating. Nevertheless, there was not one table in a bad spot. The lighting was well-distributed and the space between tables was perfect so to eliminate seating claustrophobia altogether.

Although the Hashbrown Rounds were one of the best versions of hashbrowns I’ve had in my life, the serving was very small, as there were only two on my plate. I could have gone for one more, but two seemed to be the magic number at this restaurant. Two Egg Boats, two sausage slices, two blueberries on a pancake; but hey, at least they’re consistent. Other menu options included chicken and waffles with a twist, a pancake in a skillet called the “Dutch Baby” and a variety of pastries and small bakery treats.

Photo by Maddie Mollner
Egg Boat 

The pricing of the food was moderate; averaging roughly eight dollars per meal. The food was tastier than one would expect to spend less than 10 dollars on, so for me, this was a bonus. My portions were filling and my plate was clean afterwards.

In the end, Over Easy is perfect for anyone looking for a hot spot to have Sunday brunch or just a quick bite with friends on a late start day. I would highly recommend you check it out for your next breakfast destination.


Maddie Mollner

Maddie joined The Flightline in January of 2017. She is a senior this year, involved in cheerleading. Outside of school, she reads, collects flamboyant socks and hangs out in parks with her friends. You can email her at [email protected]