2, 4, 6, 8; Who Do You Appreciate?

The Skutt Catholic cheerleaders’ take on being underrated


Photo by Kylie Dischler

SC cheerleaders pulling a one-legged stunt at a football game

Maddie Mollner, Student Life Editor

Ask anyone with an athletic background, and they’ll tell you that cheerleading isn’t a sport. To some extent, they’re right. Standing on the sidelines yelling “Go team!” doesn’t require that much skill. However, we, the cheerleaders of Skutt Catholic, are tired of being labeled as just a team that jumps around and shakes pom-poms because in reality, we are much more than that.

As far as games go we’ll give the student section credit. School spirit has improved exponentially compared to past years, but it could still be better. There’s a game going on behind us — we get it. But we’re all there for the same reason: to be a support system for whomever is playing and to cheer the SkyHawks on to victory.

Photo by Apryl Barajas
SC cheer team at nationals in 2017

We know everyone’s ‘favorite’ part of the sports seasons are the pep rallies. We know that students think they’re boring and that sometimes they’re not impressed. But we work hard to put on pep rallies four times a year. It actually takes a lot of planning, supplies, and time management. This includes extra practices, setting up supplies for games, and being able to set out nine cheer mats in a minute or less. We work hard to pick cheers that will capture the student section’s attention, and a lot of times we’re let down when our effort isn’t recognized.

But it’s annoying when the student section doesn’t match our enthusiasm. We understand that it’s awkward to have cheerleaders yelling at you for 20 minutes while you’re all waiting to go home, but, ultimately, we’re doing it for the teams that need us to be supportive of them.

Tumbling, jumping, and throwing girls up in the air is not as easy as we make it look. Our team competes with all of the previously stated skills, and we’ve been known to sweep the competition. Between placing seventh at nationals and winning back-to-back state championships, we think we’ve earned respect from the Skutt Catholic student body. As our season continues, we hope to see new faces in the crowd and new attitudes appreciating the time, effort and muscle it takes to be a Skutt Catholic cheerleader.

Maddie Mollner

Maddie joined The Flightline in January of 2017. She is a senior this year, involved in cheerleading. Outside of school, she reads, collects flamboyant socks and hangs out in parks with her friends. You can email her at [email protected]