Team Bonding Leads Activities to Success

Students talk season rituals, icebreakers, and going for gold


Photo by @SkuttChoirs Twitter

SC show choir competing at their best

Maddie Mollner, Student Life Editor

Upon entering Skutt Catholic, the first thing that catches the eye is the immense trophy collection; a representation of championship-winning SkyHawk teams that came before us as well as those who continue to roam these halls. For 25 years, Skutt Catholic has taken home its fair share of state championships, plaques, and bragging rights. The secret to the SkyHawks’ success isn’t coaching alone or a lucky pair of socks, but a connection between teammates that makes all the difference for our students.

Bonding between teammates is seen on and off the field, court and stage. Creating a unity between all members of a team is one of the most important components of success. A team that doesn’t perform as one does not succeed. The Flightline spoke to multiple representatives of SkyHawk teams about how bonding creates a team with strength, synergy, and unity.

“I love every bit of what we do and the people I get to share this experience with.”

Harmony between players is an essential element in becoming an unstoppable force during competition. “Team bonding brings us together because we get to know each other better and we become more comfortable around each other,” said varsity basketball player junior Jake Kudron. “We build up good team chemistry together during team bonding which helps us play better,” Kudron continued.

But getting to know those who work alongside you is often about much more than winning. “We learn more about each other and what we want out of the group. We are all there for a common purpose: to make beautiful music and tell life stories with the people we care most about,” said senior Cal Strawhecker, a member of Vivace show choir. “My favorite part is just being able to be a part of something that is so open and caring,” Strawhecker went on.

Long-held traditions keep the hype going for each season for incoming members as well as returners. “We always have this huge Sunday retreat at Skutt about our goals, strengths, and weaknesses and then have a dinner together,” Strawhecker said. Even a nightly pizza run can have a lasting effect on relationships between players. “We team bond after big wins and we usually order pizza and hang out at someone’s house,” said Kudron. “We just hang out, watch TV and have fun together,” Kudron added.

Photo by Maddie Mollner
SC volleyball team lifting weights before practice

“For team bonding we went on a camping trip to Carol Joy Holling,” said varsity volleyball player senior Becca Langel. “We have a big teepee tent that we set up together, we play team building games and have a campfire to get to know each other,” Langel went on. “It bonds you as a team because you learn about your teammates and learn how to work well with them. It is sometimes frustrating, but you need to learn to trust your teammates,” Langel concluded.

Sports teams at Skutt Catholic are not just groups of athletes, but brother- and sisterhoods. Extracurricular activities are not just groups of talented students, but families. As games are scheduled and competitions begin, there’s no doubt that our school’s success can be credited to the unity between our teams.

Maddie Mollner

Maddie joined The Flightline in January of 2017. She is a senior this year, involved in cheerleading. Outside of school, she reads, collects flamboyant socks and hangs out in parks with her friends. You can email her at [email protected]