5 Video Games You Wish Were Still On Your iPad

A look back on the lost and dearly missed

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5 Video Games You Wish Were Still On Your iPad

Ava Dreessen, Ad Manager/ Copy Editor

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With the integration of iPads in the classroom came a terror for teachers and their lectures alike: video games. Every student reminisces about that glorious time between iPad integration and that weird MDM app I can’t delete when the App Store’s plethora of time-wasters was just at our finger taps. We all miss when the minds were off topic but on Trivia Crack, when the hands were not tapping ebackpack but tapping birds, or even when our math comprehension was strengthened exclusively by 2048. With full access to the wide variety of applications found in the App Store, students cleverly found a way to entertain themselves when they weren’t cramming shmoop summaries. And here, we take a look back at the best of the best gaming apps that plagued the iPads of Skutt Catholic.

Flappy Bird

This was among the first gaming apps that found its way onto almost every student’s iPad. Becoming a viral game across the U.S., this game has its users tapping a cute yellow bird through only one obstacle: a green pipe. Easy as it sounds, it’s absolutely not. This difficulty sparked a craze in students to see how far one could go. The highest I ever witnessed was in the hundreds, but other say that was just a rumor.

Clash of Clans

Yet another one of the early contenders was this multiplayer battle simulator where players built up bases and an army to fight and defend from other players. As simple a game it is, students mastered their hiding-the-screen-from-the-teacher skills, and poured extensive amounts of time into leveling up.


A simple, yet addictive puzzle game, 2048 sparked the interest in students that the flipped classroom lessons on YouTube never could. By sliding the squares left, right, up, or down, the goal was to add the squares up to 2048. This was another game whose difficulty sparked the attention of the student body, and created a craze that lasted nearly a month.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack was a shorter, but still a monumental obsession. Battling friends on who knows best, collecting trophies to win it all, and using hints on history because you never get them right, was all this app offered. There were even some students playing teachers in this game when it hit its paramount.


Although gaming apps were blocked on the iPad, students still relied on their handy iPhone for entertainment. The newest of the gaming app craze is the game Ballz. With its craze starting within the last month, the app is a twist on block breaker games that ends up becoming very satisfying when you make the perfect shot. It’s now difficult to scan a classroom during those free five minutes at the end of every class and not see someone trying to perfect their angles.