We Rate Students’ Dogs

Students submit pictures of their best friends, we judge

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We Rate Students’ Dogs

Photo by Sam Pane

Photo by Sam Pane

Photo by Sam Pane

Maria Miller, Birdfeed Editor

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The Twitter account WeRateDogs™ (@dog_rates) has gone beyond viral on the internet. Their blunt and borderline illiterate verbiage combines everything people love about dogs: simple, light-hearted, and adorable. They have mastered the art of making people instantly happy, and with the threat of finals week and graduation looming over our heads, we thought we’d take a whack at it. We asked Skutt Catholic students to send us pictures of their puppers, and this is what we thought of them.

  1. Junior Chris Kujawa; Lisette

Photo by Chris Kujawa

What an elegant girl, so proud of her ball 8/10.

  1. Senior Will Hanna; Yogi

Photo by Kelsey Hanna

Very handsome, but too dramatic 6/10.

  1. Freshman Olympia and Junior Maria Koliopoulos; Selene

Photo by Maria Koliopoulos
I am LOVING this Lassie revamp 10/10.

  1. Sophomore Sam Pane; Kevin

Photo by Sam Pane

Such a dapper doggo, the pinnacle of fashion 9/10.

  1. Senior Kayley and Freshmen Alaina Anderson; Suri

Photo by Kayley Anderson

Now THAT is what I call a floofer!! 10/10.

  1. Sophomore Matthias Walters; Coco Chanel

Photo by Matthias Walters

This little girl is a natural born model! She could probably go Iams! Plus look at that tongue!! 9/10

  1. Sophomore Kelsey Hanna; Pixie

Photo by Kelsey Hanna

A very weird dog, but still good, 10/10 for the squirrel dog.

  1. Junior Rachel Sinner; Sunni

Photo by Rachel Sinner

Adventurous pupper!! NICE hat! 9/10

Maria Miller - Flightline Editor-in-Chief

Maria became a member of The Flightline in January of 2016. She is a senior this year involved in slam poetry at Skutt Catholic and spends time with her beloved mule, Shoelace, outside of school. You can email her at [email protected]