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The Cost of Prom

Prom is Expensive

Nessa Woosley, Staff Morale Editor

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Every year we get fancied up to flail in a decorated room to sounds coming out of a robot and call it prom.

Don’t get me wrong, prom is the dance of all dances, but the unnecessary expenses put extra stress on a night that’s about having a last hoorah with your friends.

Prom is expensive. The costs I estimated include only day-of expenses (it excludes any promposal spendings as well as transportation costs). I also separated costs into what the genders traditionally pay for.

Depending on the girl, a dress can range anywhere from 100 to 500 dollars. Typically, dates pay for a corsage or boutonnière for the other person, but as an employee of a flower shop, I’ve noticed many girls paying for either or both. The smart thing to do is to get ready with girlfriends and to do each others’ hair, but going out and getting your hair and makeup done is a way to add a little more glam to the evening. Shoes typically cost around 50 to 100 dollars. Adding a little sparkle comes at a cost as well, anywhere from 20 to 60 dollars depending on what pieces one picks up.

Guys typically pay for both tickets and dinner, so I added those expenses to their costs. Tickets range from 50 to 70 dollars, depending on wheather you’re attending after prom or not. Dinner can cost upwards of 100 dollars when its all said and done. Renting a tux can be anywhere from 100 to 200 dollars depending on coupons and where you rent from. Flowers can cost 30 to 50 dollars depending on if the boy is paying for both or just one. Corsages hold more flowers and are therefore more expensive than a boutonnière.

Prom is expensive no matter how frugal someone tries to be. Even if a couple skips flowers and makes dinner at home, it can add up to about 300 dollars for the two.

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