The Senior Studies Project

The Only Thing Standing Between You and Graduation

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The Senior Studies Project

Nessa Woosley, Staff Morale Editor

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Senior Studies: the infamous class which concludes senior year and one’s high school education.

Senior Studies takes topics such as violence, poverty, and racism that occur in everyday life and looks at them from both a governmental and theological perspective. At the end of the one semester class is the project.

Alumni have spoken about it for years, and made it seem as if it is the most time consuming and scary thing you will ever do in your life. While the Senior Studies project is 30% of your final grade, it won’t kill you.

The project is longer than someone suffering from Senioritis would like, involving many steps and inteurviews but the packet clearly lays out everything necessary to complete the project satisfactorily. With the help of the packet, most seniors blew through the project with ease.

Most people chose a topic question they were passionate about so they could get the most they could out of the project.

The most time consuming aspect was the action plan. The action plan is what you can do to try and stop or help whatever it is your topic was about. For instance, if one’s topic was “Is homelessness prevalent in Nebraska?”, they could volunteer at a shelter for four to six hours to get full credit.

“The hardest part was the action plan, because it took four hours to do,” Marcus Judah commented. He, who has already presented, agreed that it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. “We had other assignments this year that were harder than this project,” he continued.

The difficulty is not in the connecting and research, but rather contacting outside sources needed for interviewing and creating an action plan.

“Waiting for people to respond to your emails was probably the hardest part because you have no control over that,” Melissa Bowers said. Melissa waited weeks for some responses.

In the end, the big scary Senior Studies project is nothing more than a way to help learn about and reach out to the real world.