Taste of Thailand: The Underdog of Eats

Exotically delicious food, right across the street

Ava Dreessen, Ad Manager/ Copy Editor

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Among the most delectable, and at the same time unappreciated, establishments that I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit lies Taste of Thailand.

Whenever the controversial topic of deciding where to eat comes up, Taste of Thailand makes the decision simple. This restaurant serves a beautifully diverse range of traditional dishes from, you guessed it, Thailand. And while they include the stereotypical Thai dishes, they’ve accomplished in making it their own and unlike any other restaurant of its kind in Omaha.

As you walk in the little eatery within the strip mall on the corner of Bob Boozer and Center, you’re greeted with a dim, warm, lighting and beautiful paintings and portraits decorating the walls. Even during the dinner rush, there’s always a table open and the restaurant’s owner, Rick Wanna, to lead you there.

I can trust this eatery alone to satisfy with my favorite dish: Chicken Fried Rice, Level 8 (they measure the amount of spice to be added to the dish by levels 1-10), No Veggies. In just 15 minutes, a steaming ceramic plate emerges from the kitchen doors piled with a helpful serving of fried rice, chicken, egg, and the perfect amount of spice. I couldn’t dream of having a better dish for its 11 dollar price, and for years have years tried, in vain, to duplicate the perfect recipe.

Their Pad Thai is a close second to the fried rice and is also their most popular dish. Stir-fried rice noodles with chicken, bean sprouts, green onion, egg, topped with their legendary sauce, and finally, a handful of crushed peanuts, leaving the dish with a delicious crunchy texture. I usually go head-first at a level 1o on that one, and it has never disappointed.

What infatuates me about Taste of this establishment, even more so than their Pad Thai, is the little attention it receives. Being so close to school, and with their options of take out and delivery, I assumed that it would be a hot spot for high school students to not have to travel far for a great bite to eat. While there is admiration in the restaurant being a small, lesser known business, for the amount of quality in both its dishes and service, it deserves a crowd.

With a welcoming environment, unforgettable tastes, and a table always ready to be filled, Taste of Thailand forever remains my first choice for whenever someone asks, “Where do you want to eat?”