Ten Reasons Why You Should Always Listen to Mrs. Kros

Iconic Mrs. Kros quotes to get you through the day


Photo by Eric Kros

Mrs. Kros and her favorite dog breed. Disclaimer only three are hers.

Kayley Anderson, Editor in Chief

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of having a class taught by Mrs. Kros, you’re probably unaware of her comedic prowess. In order to keep kids on their toes and listening during lectures, she often adds witty comments that make class an educational hoot. Here are ten timeless quotes by Mrs. Kros to make you smile:

“I’m just going to call it how I see it today, don’t listen to anything she says.” Mrs. Kros on partner worksheets.

“If you’re not here, speak up now” Mrs. Kros taking attendance.

 “When’s she’s not hitting people she’s knitting” Mrs. Kros on student quarrels.

“Alright, alright hang on two seconds, you have to let me have the stage” Mrs. Kros on interrupting students.

I have three words for you, When are you giving me away next?” Mrs. Kros discussing psychology.

Photo by Lily Yates
Mrs. Kros illustrating her comedic prowess by recreating this iconic meme.

 “You can laugh ha ha he he, at the name of his website, whatever I don’t care” It was businessballs.com

 “Whenever you do something nice keep it on file, because you never know when someone’s gonna come around asking, Trust No One!” Mrs. Kros on life.

 “Oh you got it baby and I’m gonna be spending left and right” Mrs. Kros on her trip to Israel.

“They had me writing all this stuff, all over the place, most of it was crap, I felt like I was applying to college” Mrs. Kros on applying for teacher organization sponsored trips.  

“Remember Trust no one!””

— Mrs. Kros

 “It’s a dog and pony show, it’s ridiculous I have some other things to do, come on people” Mrs. Kros on speeches.

Maddie Mollner

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