March Sadness

Explaining how March Madness is very overrated


Photo by Oracle Sports

March Madness with brackets in background.

Sam Wiegand, Sports Editor

Once a year in the spring a large quantity of the population gathers around and fills out a piece of paper hoping things finally go their way. No, this isn’t tax day, this is March Madness. With the sheer fact that this event can, in this instance, be almost misidentified as tax day helps to prove an even greater point; March Madness gets far more praise than it truly deserves.

March Madness is known for how it causes offices and even schools to be overly unproductive. According to research done by The American Gaming Association, businesses lose over $2 billion because of the tournament. The causes for this overall lack of production can be attributed to the plethora of games the first four days. Due to the fact that predicting the future is impossible and most people are abysmal at brackets, everyone constantly checks their brackets anyways, only to be filled with inner basketball-caused despair. The tournament, in this situation, causes more harm than fun.

The basic idea of playing 63 basketball games in the span of a month sounds fairly intriguing to any basketball fan. Except, to truly enjoy it, you must choose which games to watch. It’s nearly impossible to truly watch every game. Plus, almost half of the first round games aren’t close, so they aren’t fun to watch. By the end of the tournament, basketball has become almost overkill, meaning even the best of fans are glad it’s over.

Now let’s get to the biggest issue I have with the overall tournament; brackets. Every year millions of people make their brackets honestly believing they can have a perfect bracket. It’s 2017, and there has yet to be a perfect bracket actually recorded. Once a bracket is “busted” most people completely give up on the tournament, because they can’t win. News flash; nobody actually wins. The odds of actually having a perfect bracket following the first weekend are not in your favor. You’d be more likely to win the lottery, twice.

My biggest pet peeve with March Madness is that the best games aren’t even in March. This year the final four and national championships take place in April. The name perpetuates a false persona that all the games are within one month, but that’s simply a lie.

Overall, March Madness is extremely over hyped. To be honest, I enjoy March Madness as much as most people, But it simply doesn’t live up to the idea that it is the best sporting event of the year.On that note, enjoy the rest of the games, because I already know your bracket is busted.