Bragging Rights and Prizes Await This Bracket Season

March Madness provides some interesting and wild brackets

Bob Killgore, Posters Coordinator

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As the field of 68 was announced last Sunday, people were looking at the matchups and already thinking who they should pick in their brackets. People were deciding which first round upsets could happen, such as which 12 seed would beat a 5 seed, because that has happened every year since 2007. People were also choosing which teams have the easiest road to the final four and which teams have the hardest road. Bracket players take this information and other statistics as they pick their teams and their national championship winner.

Players also know that prizes are on the line. The include days off of work, money, bragging rights, and puzzling things like blenders. Everybody loves filling out a bracket, and Skutt Catholic students were no exception.

One Skutt Catholic student, sophomore Cole Mingo, not only made one bracket, but 20 of them. Some of these bracket titles include coin flip #4, in which he literally flipped a coin for each matchup, better college football team, and logos/icons. The national championship winners for these brackets include Kent State, USC, and Seton Hall.

Making 20 brackets is excessive, but the way Mingo choose to do them is an exception. In coin flip #4, he has Mount St. Mary’s and UNC Wilmington playing each other in the Sweet 16. On the other side of the bracket, he has Kent State and Arkansas in the Elite Eight. The national championship game is Kent State versus VCU, with Kent winning 54-50.

The better college football team bracket features USC, Florida State, Louisville, and Kansas State in the final four. USC wins 70-68 to Louisville in the championship. With the logo bracket, Seton Hall, powered by their great pirate logo, beats West Virginia 70-69 to win the championship. Mingo did fill out a serious bracket through, as he picked Gonzaga beating UCLA 90-84 to win it all.

In the bracket competition that I joined, 5 people picked Villanova to at least make the Final Four. Three players, including me, picked a red-hot Michigan team to reach the sweet sixteen. Iowa State is another surprising team that a couple of people picked to reach the sweet sixteen.

The 12 seed over the five seed matchup most common in my league was Middle Tennessee State over grossly over seeded Minnesota. Almost everybody picked Kansas and North Carolina to make the Final Four. Other Final Four picks include Villanova, Gonzaga, Duke, and Arizona. The national championship winners picked include mostly North Carolina, Kansas and some Duke and Villanova champions.

In one senior bracket, Louisville made a deeper run than the one I joined. More than half picked Michigan to beat them in the round of 32 and advance to the elite eight. More players picked Gonzaga to reach the Final Four and win the championship game. UCLA was also a team picked to make a deep run, with four players picking them to make it to the Final Four. Villanova, Kansas, and North Carolina are still teams that players picked to reach the Final Four. The national championship winners include North Carolina, Kansas, Duke, and some Gonzaga picks.

Everyone’s bracket will eventually be ruined by the second round, it’s inevitable. The chances to pick a perfect bracket is 1 in 9.2 quintillion, so it’s all but impossible. So enjoy all the upsets, the buzzer beater moments, and the plays that you are will never forgot as the tournament rolls on.

Bob Killgore - Sports Editor

Bob joined The Flightline in January of 2016. His interests include cross country and track. He enjoys watching MLB baseball and his favorite baseball team is the Arizona Diamondbacks. You can email him at [email protected]