Art Program Earns Fifth National Award

30 students earn 45 titles, including one nationwide.

Photo by Danielle Oberfoell
Freshman Danielle Oberfoell's drawing titled Rachel's Vision won a National Silver Medal.

Alaina Anderson, Staff Reporter

For 84 years, the Scholastic Art Awards have been recognizing students’ creativity at a regional and national level. This year, 30 Skutt Catholic students were recognized at the regional level, and freshman Danielle Oberfoell was awarded at the national level.

The award process consisted of the student artwork being submitted and judged first at a regional level. As a result, students are awarded honorable mentions, silver keys, or gold keys. The regional gold key winners are then judged on a national scale.

The art program has had four national titles prior to this year, but Danielle Oberfoell’s illustration adds the fifth national title to the program. It is a realistic drawing and illustration titled Rachel’s Vision.

Maddie Mollner

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