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The Flightline

  • Musicians wanting to help with retreats/Campus Min events- meet today after school in CM Office!

  • Big Hawks! Friday we will being meeting up with your Little Hawks at 9:15 for a QR activity. Please bring your iPads to the gym.

  • Get your free 25th Anniversary T-Shirts During Lunch!

  • All students interested in Vivace Band or Crew, please stop and see Mr. Storm in the music room by Tuesday, August 22nd.

  • Set construction has begun for the fall play! Come to the stage after school at 3:30 and get involved.

  • SkyHawks for Life will be hosting their first Life Nite on Tuesday Aug. 22 @ 7pm in the Student Center.

  • Tryouts for the Mock Trial teams will be held on Sunday, August 27th at 5 p.m. in room C105.

A World of Whys

Students answer some of their most personal questions

Photo by Molly Gubbels

Photo by Molly Gubbels

Molly Gubbels, Entertainment Editor

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Our world is one packed almost to the brim with undying questions and their impossible answers. Every day we are faced with the whys and hows of life and, truly, some of these questions are difficult to answer. In all honesty, we often fall short of finding these answers, yet even the simple complexity of our lives allows us to answer them. We become what we want to be, we discover who are, we find out how we want to live our lives and who we most desire to live them with. Our universe is full of impossible questions and our lives tell the story.

The following are the testimonies of students attempting to answer these questions of impossibility.

What will people say about you at your funeral?
“At my funeral, people will inevitably say that I will be missed along with all the other stereotypical phrases of comfort, but I hope that there will also be some friends and family members there to give testimony to who I was. I want people to look back and remember me as a genuine person. I want them to see someone who was funny, honest, kind, sarcastic and awkward at times. I know I’m not exceptionally talented at any specific thing. I won’t be remembered for being an amazing musician, an outstanding actor or even a genius at any subject, but I’m okay with that. I’m fine with just being human, being someone who loves others and was loved.”

-Mikey Figura, Junior

If you were standing at the gates of heaven and God asked why he should let you in, what would you say?
“I would probably say, first of all, because I want to be. I would say that I love Him and that I want to spend eternity with my Creator. I would say that I know I’m not perfect and that I fell many times, but I’ve gotten back up basically every time. I tried to incorporate Him into all the things I did and thought of Him while I did them. I tried my best to be a great friend to others and be a kind and humble guy. I am thankful for my faithful family because they helped me to become the person I am. I loved my life and that’s because of Him.”

-Max Korensky, Junior


If you could start over, would you?
“I definitely would not because I think I’ve done pretty well so far, and I’d rather experience the life ahead of me than start over.”

-Matthew Gromowsky, Senior

What have you given up on?
“Trying to please everyone because someone always gets hurt, and it’s usually me.”     

-Ann Gregory, Sophomore

Photo by Molly Gubbels

Is who you are who you want to be?
“Mostly, yes, but there are definitely some things about myself that I would change. For the most part, I’m who I want to be.”

-Anna Nigro, Senior

If someone handed you a book and you started reading it and realized it was the story of your life, would you read till the end?
“No because I want to be surprised. I’d rather experience it than know what could happen.”

-Jessi Wessel, Senior

If you could watch your life like a movie, would you want to? Would you enjoy said movie?
“I feel like I would watch it, but I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy it because it might bring back weird memories and such. It could be entertaining, though, to see all the things that I’ve forgotten.”

-Sarah Devlin, Senior

What other than the obvious essentials can you not live without?
“Creativity. Being able to my own person through art forms and things like that.”

-Clara Pohlman, Sophomore

Are you the hero or the villain of your own story?
“I consider myself to be a mix of both. I let myself and compel myself to do stuff I know I’m not comfortable with and end up regretting it and ruining relationships or opportunities, making myself the villain. But then, I do things which help not only myself, but others too, and help strengthen them which helps me be a hero. All in all, I consider myself to be a hero mostly except the underlying times where I’m the villain haunt me.”

-Molly Harper, Freshman

What makes you special?
“I feel special because of my attitude. It is my goal to be someone that people can look to for a smile or a boost of happiness. When there is so much negativity going on around us, we need something strong to depend on. I want to be that consistent smile for people to turn to if they need it. Of course, I am never perfect at being 100% happy every minute of the day, but I feel that my desire to spread goodness is unique. My main goal in life is to include everyone into a life of true happiness and acceptance, as cheesy as that sounds, because it’s what everyone deserves, and it does not matter what their past is nor if they give me any thanks. Satisfaction for helping another person is always enough for me. I think that’s kind of special.”

-Johnna Lowe, Senior

Are you worth remembering? Why or why not?
“I am worth remembering because I, like everyone on this planet, am human. Every human has the right to be remembered by someone, because everyone has some aspect of their being that is unique. No one deserves to be forgotten.”

-Joseph McAuliffe, Sophomore

If you had a friend that spoke to you the same way you speak to yourself, how long would you keep that friend around?
“It depends on how long I’ve known them and what sort of tone they use. I’m not exactly the best person to myself, but it’s mostly in a way of ‘I know you’re trying, but you’re not doing good enough.’ When someone else says that to someone they usually feel that internally and they exhibit it externally, so I would keep them around and try to help them, but if it became clear that they were just being harmful, I wouldn’t want to keep them around.”

-Becky Snowden, Senior

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think “home?”
“I would think of my mom and my dogs. Something that has always reminded me of home is my mom because she likes to decorate our house, so everything there reminds me of her. My dogs remind me of home because the place where I feel most comfortable is a place with dogs.”

-Will Hanna, Senior

If you lost everything tomorrow, what would you do?
“It depends on what you mean by ‘everything.’ Universally: cry a little bit, then move on. A closed door just means another one is going to open.”

-Abby Pearson, Freshman
Photo by Molly Gubbels

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