My First (and Probably Last) Vegan Experience

A trip to acclaimed vegan restaurant gone wrong

Alaina Anderson, Staff Reporter

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For my entire life, I have chosen to live an omnivorous lifestyle. I enjoy butter on my waffles and a nice filet with my mashed potatoes. However, a growing portion of society aischoosing to live a vegan lifestyle, which entails not consuming any animal products. Recently, I decided to give this way of life a chance.

Photo by Alaina Anderson
Vegan chickpea curry served with a tofu skewer

For my first vegan experience, I decided to go to Modern Love, which is arguably the most raved about vegan restaurant in Omaha. According to the reviews, this place was supposed to be the best of the best for vegan cuisine, so I along with two friends ventured to Modern Love with an optimistic attitude.

Upon arriving, there were a couple of oddities that really stuck out to us. The first was that they were growing their own herbs, which were used as a garnish for the entrees. I’m all about fresh ingredients, but growing them in the window of the restaurant is a bit unusual. The second was the number of mirrors in this rather small restaurant. They covered the walls, which created a very odd vibe during our dining experience.

After being seated, our waiter told us about their array of microgreens. I was at a loss as to what microgreens were, but I soon discovered that they were the herbs being grown in the front window. I will never understand why they referred to them as microgreens, but, then again, I don’t understand being vegan.

The menu provided a variety of options from veggie burgers to curries, which I appreciated. However, despite the variety of options, I did not appreciate the pricing. I understand the price of fresh ingredients is high, but $14 for a veggie burger is on the verge of ridiculous.

Photo by Alaina Anderson
Snickerdoodle cheesecake topped with a cherry

After ordering a cheeseburger, meatball sub, and a chickpea curry, our food arrived surprisingly faster than I expected. After sampling each dish, I was reminded of why I live an omnivorous lifestyle.

I started with the meatball sub. The meatballs were what I can only describe as loosely packed plant matter, which made for a rather unpleasant taste and texture. The curry wasn’t much better. It had hints of a traditional curry, but it also had an element of sweetness that made you question what exactly you were eating. Finally, the veggie burger and fries wasn’t bad, and I would even eat it again, if I was facing starvation and had money to spend.

Despite our less than satisfactory entrees, we decided to order two desserts, a snickerdoodle cheesecake and an apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream. Both were surprisingly delicious, but they were not worth $9 each.

Even though my vegan experience was overpriced and nearly illness inducing, I would encourage others to try it. For whatever reason, many people choose to live a vegan lifestyle, which you may find that you enjoy.

In all, my vegan experience left me feeling nauseous and like a human terrarium. Therefore, it’s a no from me.