Student Sections: More Similar Than You Think

Analyzing how student sections differ from school to school.


Photo by Kelly Augustine

Skutt Catholic students get ready for kickoff.

Lily Heyne, Guest Writer

People are screaming on one side and chanting odd phrases on the other. This isn’t at a concert or even a cult gathering. This is a high school student section–an integral part of the high school experience. Like the majority of other high school activities, each school has its own spin on it.

The universal excitement for sports, particularly football and basketball games, at co-ed schools like Skutt Catholic and Millard North electrifies the entire campus on game day. “Everyone goes all out for varsity football and basketball,” Millard North sophomore Emma Grunkemeyer said. “We are super big fans.”

Skutt Catholic students often participate in the excitement by following the theme of the student section for big events, especially for basketball and football. At most of the sporting events, the Millard North students cheer on their Mustangs with the help of a senior who leads all of their cheers, much in the way that Skutt Catholic’s SkyHawk Screamers senior group does.

Things are different, yet similar at single-gender schools, such as Marian, Creighton Prep, or Duchesne. “Sports that typically draw a lot of fans are basketball and volleyball,” Omaha Marian sophomore Sophia Moes said. “Students love the themes and ‘vibes’ that everyone brings. Our themes are always so fun,” Moes continued. “Since we are at an all-girls school, nobody cares what the theme is, so they go all out.” At Marian, one unique cheer they have is called “The Marian Beat,” while at Skutt Catholic we have “Bang Bang.”

Student sections are very similar at Duchesne. The students love to cheer on their basketball and volleyball teams especially. “If the team makes it to state, the whole school gets behind the team,”  Duchesne sophomore Emma Worthington said. “We try to get as many people as possible to the games.” This is to how, at state competitions, the attendance for Skutt Catholic events is noticeably increased. These schools enjoy showing their spirit regardless of the situation. This is exemplified by the constant support of their teams with fun themes and unique cheers.

Student sections are one the highlights of high school for athletes and non-athletes alike. Everybody loves supporting their friends and classmates, as well as going along with themes, yelling loud cheers, and having a great time with their friends while supporting the teams. Different schools around Omaha all have their own way of making their student sections special, just like we do at Skutt Catholic.