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The movie “The Great Wall” fails to amaze


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"The Great Wall", starring Matt Damon as it's lead, does not live up to its hype

Sam Klemme, Staff Reporter

After several weeks of anticipated action and mystery, “The Great Wall” misses the mark, by a lot. The trailer hyped this movie up way too much, making the delivery crash hard in the end. With a stale plot and rigid acting, the movie just comes off as boring.

“The Great Wall” follows the adventure of a mercenary named William, played by Matt Damon, and his mercenary friend Tovar, played by Pedro Pascal, as they take part in the legend of creatures attacking China. This was the reason the wall was created. Something I find strange is that the creatures were created out of greed, somehow. It doesn’t really say how they came to be except through mysterious causes.

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The movie added too many tacky and flashy effects

I’ll try to summarize what producers were thinking when they made this movie: “With this many colors, how can we fail?” Long story short, they failed. The movie has a really big focus on trying to stun the viewer with bright colors and special effects, but it just comes off as really childish. Every single soldier in the movie is color-coordinated in bright colors, and I had one thought: “Power Rangers.”

The plot of the movie is not enticing in any way, and the terrible script is paired with abysmal acting. Every single line in this movie is said in a monotone, blank voice. The only time the actors show something that isn’t monotone is when they are yelling – that’s the closest they get to interesting. Also, Matt Damon is a mercenary that is based around Spain; however, his buddy has an accent, but Matt Damon tried and simply couldn’t do it. He just stuck with the American accent he is all too familiar with.

Another area they fail to put in the movie is character development. For the most part, every character is the same from start to end. The hero is just the hero, the hero’s friend is just the hero’s friend. Nothing changes. The closest they got was maybe getting mad for about half a scene, but then they were fine by the end of the scene. Any conflict that was raised between characters was solved quickly and seemed extremely pointless.

Matt Damon puts on a very lackluster performance

Something they try to do to make the plot interesting is to make way too many events happen at once. There is a point in the movie where it flip-flops between one-minute scenes to explain some event. It just becomes too much, to the point in which you don’t care any more. It becomes just action. Things happen and people who were supposed to be important die, but they were introduced in half a minute, so you don’t really care.

Don’t see this movie. It is so boring and difficult to watch. I got frustrated just trying to take in everything by the end. The only thing that drew me in was the colors and effects, despite the fact that they were really unfitting and probably shouldn’t have been there. The movie’s cause was uninteresting and its plot not driven, giving me no drive to watch this movie again.

Sam Klemme

Sam joined the Flightline in January of 2017. He is a senior this year, involved in choir, theater and cross country. Outside of school, he sings to himself and sits in his basement. You can email him at [email protected]