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Show Choir’s Unrecognized Heroes

Though often overlooked, band and crew make Vivace possible

February 20, 2017


Photo by Hope Stratman
Junior Ethan Hough plays guitar as Storm leads the band

Show choir dazzles. It’s nearly impossible to tear one’s eyes away from the performers as they go through their show; glittery dresses, intricate dance moves, and gorgeous harmonies ensure that the show grabs its viewers’ attention from the first note.

However, there is far more to a Skutt Catholic show choir production than the glitz and glamour that meets the eyes. During every performance, members of show choir band and crew work to make the show run smoothly and effectively. Though they may not be visible for most of the performance, they are truly the unrecognized heroes of Vivace.

The show choir’s band consists of nine members playing everything from the synthesizer to the cello. The band attends every competition and many of the rehearsals, so members end up dedicating quite a bit of time to the show. “It’s a lot of work,” says sophomore Erica Neesen, who plays guitar. “I hate learning the sheet music for it. But it’s so fun to perform that the hard work really pays off.”

Photo by Hope Stratman
Vivace Band plays during the girls’ number, “Miracles”


Unfortunately, quite a few band members graduated in 2016. In fact, “There is only one band member that was in the band last year,” says Vivace Director Chris Storm. “It’s almost a completely new ensemble.” However, the Vivace band is excelling, despite its inexperience; it was named the fourth best band at a competition in Wisconsin that included 21 show choirs. Storm says, “We’re still working to be better, but we’re definitely headed in the right direction.”

However, Vivace band oftentimes doesn’t get enough credit, as junior synthesizer player Jack Duff pointed out. According to Duff, “A lot of times, show choir band doesn’t get much recognition.” The lack of appreciation for the band’s efforts can be disheartening, but band members, including junior cello and bass player Mikey Figura, seem to truly enjoy the activity regardless of recognition. “You get to know the people in show choir so well,” he says, “And you grow into a family.”

Photo by Hope Stratman
Junior Jack Duff uncoils a cable for his synthesizer before a performance

Its band isn’t the only group helping Vivace out behind the scenes. Show choir crew, like stage crew in theatre, helps to make sure the technical aspects of show choir run smoothly. There are currently six members of show choir crew; their jobs include, among other things, assisting the performers with costume changes, helping with the setup of various equipment, and making sure costumes and other aspects of the performance are where they need to be when they need to be there.

Crew can be a good fit for students who want to participate in Vivace but didn’t make the cut during auditions or prefer to work behind the scenes. “I got involved in crew because I’ve always enjoyed music, but I’ve never liked being on stage,” says senior crew member Alec Brown. “I also have many friends in show choir, so that makes it all the better.”

Photo by Hope Stratman
Senior Alec Brown clears off the stage after a show

There are a lot more contributors to Vivace’s performance than one may think. If you are ever sitting in the audience during a performance, stunned at the fast-paced singing and dancing, don’t forget to remember, recognize, and appreciate the less visible members who make it all possible.

Tom Hermanek - Managing Editor

Tom became a member of The Flightline in January of 2015. He is a senior who is involved in mock trial and swimming. Off campus, Tom spends his time with friends or working at Starbucks. If you're so inclined, send him an email at [email protected]

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