5 Valentine’s Date-Worthy Eateries

Lovely options for this year's Valentine's Day outing

Maria Koliopoulos, Graphics Editor

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Winter’s blustering wind is slowly giving way to the breeze of spring, and love is in the air. Here are some nice places to slay this holiday with your bae, or even visit alone and treat yourself.

The Diner

Photo by Yelp.com
PC: Yelp.com

If breakfast-time is your jam, The Diner in the Old Market is always good. Besides having fantastic comfort food at your disposal. the vintage vibe makes for a cute and intriguing environment, perfect for sparking an interesting conversation.

Thirst Tea

If you’re looking for something low-key and convenient, Thirst Tea is just right. Steam wafting upwards from a warm cup of tea and snack foods to munch on make for a fantastically comfortable date.

El Basha

This Middle Eastern eatery is a nice departure from the ordinary. With great food and a cozy atmosphere,  you’re sure to leave El Basha with a warm feeling inside.

Blue Sushi

Photo by Blue Sushi Sake Grill
PC: Blue Sushi Sake Grill

This classic sushi place is a sure-fire winner, even if sushi isn’t your deal.  It’s relatively reasonable in price and trying sushi can go on to create priceless memories.

Ted and Wally’s

Photo by theanastasiaco.com
PC: theanastasiaco.com

Whether sharing scoops or a shake, Ted and Wally’s ice cream is a perfect touch of sweetness for anyone’s Valentine’s Day.

Maria Koliopoulos

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