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Taylor Royal: Then To Now

The upbringing of a mayoral candidate

February 13, 2017

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Taylor Royal: Then To Now

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In 2004, a young Taylor Royal started high school at Skutt Catholic. Today, he wants to be the next mayor of Omaha.

Like many, Royal came to Skutt Catholic without knowing many people. “I went to Trinity Christian, which is now known as Lifegate,” Royal said. “I only knew two people coming here, and I wasn’t very close with either of them.”

Royal faced the same challenges as every other freshman did and still does: finding friends and getting involved. Like most students, Royal eventually found his niche: sports, especially soccer.

“I was always involved in soccer from when I was four years old up through college,” Royal said, “But joining soccer [at Skutt] was huge for me.”

Getting involved in these activities helped Royal find his close knit group of friends. One of these friends includes current Skutt Catholic history teacher Mr. James Justice.

“I’ve known Taylor since I was a sophomore in high school,” Justice said. “ He always enjoyed talking politics; when I heard he was running I wasn’t surprised at all.”

“Taylor was a strong leader on the soccer team,” Skutt Catholic principal and former soccer coach Mr. Meyers said. “He worked very hard and lead them to two state championships.”

His legacy doesn’t end there. Royal holds a spot on the school’s Wall of Fame as an all-class B first team selection, as well as an all-state second team selection for soccer. An auxiliary soccer field at the top of the parking lot also bears his family’s name.

Sports weren’t the only things keeping him busy during high school. “Most nights if I didn’t have soccer, I would be working in the frozen or dairy section at Hy-Vee from four to ten p.m.,” Royal said. “I was always working; it had become my life. It was either soccer or work.”

Royal left high school prepared to tackle the world’s challenges. “Skutt really does prepare you,” Royal said. “The leadership and community at this school is incredible.” Following graduation from Skutt Catholic, Royal studied accounting and finance at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

After receiving his Master’s of Science in Accounting from Southern Methodist University, Royal moved back to Omaha. He currently works for Northwestern Mutual as a CPA.  On February 1, at age 27, he filed his papers to officially become a candidate for mayor of Omaha. He could become Skutt Catholic’s first alumnus to hold a public office, even before his ten year high school reunion. 


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