Grande Concert Has Omaha Saying “We’re So Into You”

Ariana Grande dazzles on her Dangerous Woman Tour.

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Maddie Mollner, Staff Reporter

As far as concerts go, I usually find it difficult to completely freak out while an artist is performing, especially when I’m not a die-hard fan of their music. But when I walked into the Centurylink Center of Omaha last Tuesday night, I had no idea how shaken I would be when I walked out. Everyone attending the February 7th concert was about to be blown away as the overhead lights of the Centurylink began to fade to reveal the first opening act, Victoria Monét.  

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Victoria Monet performing her set as the opening act for Ariana Grande.

I’m not an avid Monét listener, and honestly, I hadn’t heard of her until this concert. However, by the time left the stage she had made her name known to many in the crowd. Her vocals were on key and remained powerful throughout her time on stage. This was very impressive considering how challenging it can be to keep endurance through a performance.

What ultimately caught my eye during her performance was her dancing. Artists who perform without backup dancers are sometimes, to be frank, boring; thus leaving their crowd to scroll through their social media platforms while the show is going on, but Monét was ultimately successful in keeping her crowd entertained.

That being said, her singing didn’t completely blow my mind. Her performance was entertaining but I found myself checking my Snapchat multiple times during her songs. This could be because I don’t usually listen to her music because there was still a copious amount of people who were on their feet and singing along. Nevertheless, Victoria Monét is worth searching on Spotify.

Next to perform was the renowned British quartet, Little Mix. They are best known for their song “Wings.” I had also never previously heard of this group, but they have since Tuesday night earned their spot on my playlist. Their performance was engaging and their vocals were amazing. Many of their lyrics had meaning behind them, which is why I was left so emotional after every song. My personal favorite was “Secret Love Song,” which literally had me in tears by the second verse.

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Little Mix performing in England, joined Ariana Grande in her latest tour.

All of their dancing was flawless and they got the crowd excited with every move. All in all, Little Mix has probably been the best opening act I’ve ever seen, and I would definitely recommend downloading an album or two.

Now it was time for the main performance: Ariana Grande. A cluster of white spotlights swept across the stage and a background screen revealed videos of Grande and her background dancers’ close-ups. Grande rose up from under the stage and began to sing “Be Alright.”

The concert continued with the same momentum and energy as it began, and I found myself jamming out to songs that I’d never heard before. Fans were on their feet for songs including “Love Me Harder,” “Bang Bang,” “Side to Side,” and “Into You.”

When it finally came time for the encore, I was surprised that she hadn’t yet given us our share of her hit song, “Dangerous Woman,” but when Grande walked out once more in a shiny black dress, I knew it had been worth the wait. She stunned the crowd once more before leaving Omaha to gawk at what they had just experienced.

By night’s end, I was not left the same. I gained a new appreciation for three artists/groups and was left in shock and awe at the experience of seeing Ariana Grande perform live. In closing, Grande had the whole stadium rocking from side to side right along with her.