The Suprising Truth about Hawaiian Pizza

Lies, lies and more lies, Hawaiian Pizza is a Greek Canadian invention.

Nessa Woosley, Staff Morale Editor

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It’s plain to see that our nation stands divided on many topics.

The most pressing of these, of course, being whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza.

Pineapple made its debut as a pizza topping on the “Hawaiian Pizza” created by Sam Panopoulos in 1962, according to Atlas Obscura. Sam moved to Canada and the pineapple pizza fad was born.

The Famous Hawaiian Pizza. (pc: Food Network Canada)

Hawaiian Pizza sticks out from the rest because of the unusual toppings: Canadian bacon and pineapple.

Most people believe the name of the pizza comes from where it was invented, because that makes sense logically, but a few question it.

“I just assumed it came from Hawaii,” junior Rachel Oberfoell admitted.

Freshman Alex Shouse and others were shocked to discover the real origins of this popular pizza.

“WHAT!? I feel lied to!” Shouse shrieked at the realization.

Some were not as bothered to discover the blatant lie in the tropical name of the pizza.
“I don’t care that Hawaiian pizza wasn’t created in Hawaii. Why should I? It doesn’t matter,” senior Melissa Bowers said.

Everyone has their opinions about the controversial toppings of this pizza, especially Skutt Catholic students.

“I love pineapple on pizza: pineapple and ham, pineapple and pepperoni, pineapple and bacon. I just love pineapple on pizza!” sophomore Grace Wagner exclaimed.

Grace Wagner, sophomore, holding a photo shopped pineapple. (pc: Nessa Woosley)

Pizza is an essential staple in most American family diets. Pineapple on pizza, however, is not.

“I don’t like cooked fruits or vegetables, so personally I’m not a fan of Hawaiian pizza, even though I love Hawaii,” senior Johnna Lowe commented on the pressing topic. “I’ve been to Hawaii and it was NOT on the menu, there is a ton of seafood, you don’t see pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza,” she continued. Johnna was shocked to find the origin of the pizza was, in fact, Canada.

Few, like Mikey Figura, had little to no preference about the flavors of the pizza.

“I mean it’s not the best, but I guess it’s okay,” junior Mikey Figura stated, seemingly unaffected by the existence of Hawaiian pizza.

Whether you love it, hate it, or don’t care, Hawaiian pizza is about as Hawaiian as French Fries are French!