Intramural Basketball Tip-Off and Week 1 Power Rankings

The Faculty seeks repeat championship while Da Skinz, others look for golden glory.


Photo by Sam Wiegand

Joe Heavey goes for a lay-up.

Sam Wiegand, Sports Editor

January 15th began the season of the most important sport at Skutt Catholic, Intramural Basketball. “Intramural Basketball has been a part of our school for over 15 years,” math teacher Mrs. Cushing said. “It’s great that so many kids are involved this year,” Cushing continued.

Sam Wiegand
Juniors Zephyr Desa and Ben Altman talk it up before the game.

The overall basis of intramural basketball is that it allows people who don’t get the chance to play legitimate high school basketball a form of competition. This means if someone gets cut from basketball, they could just play intramural basketball for fun. It also means that people who play basketball can’t be on a team.

This year has the making to be a very exciting year for the activity. The league has doubled in size from six teams to twelve. Some teams include: the returning champions, the Faculty. Da Skinz are a notable team as well, with quite the rivalry against Will Hanna’s team.

“He’s the only person to play for Da Skinz and then another team,” Senior Matthew Gromowsky said, “he didn’t fit well, so we cut him.”

This rivalry takes full force with the last regular season game of the year.

Sam Wiegand
Seniors Marcus Judah and Peter Quinn get ready before tip-off.

Two newly reformed teams this year that started off strong are that of Junior Patrick Diedrich and Senior Joe Heavey. Both these respective teams started the year off with undefeated records including blow out wins.

Senior Riley Schumacher’s team is also undefeated. This included a two point victory against Da Skinz, who hit two threes in the last minute to tighten the game.

It might be too early to have a pick for the champion, but the top four undefeated teams have the upper hand and seem to be strong.  Being that it is so early, even the 3 0-3 teams have a chance to improve and be a player in the postseason.


The initial Power Rankings are below.

Sam Wiegand
Intramural Power Rankings

Though week 1 may be over, week 2 is fairly soon. That week is sure to be full of tons of action from every single team in the league. Go on out and watch some fellow SkyHawks ball out in the Intramural Basketball league. Week 2 begins February 5th at 12:00 PM.