Farewell Birkenstocks, Hello 2017

Suggestions for 2017 school wide resolutions.

Nessa Woosley, Staff Morale Editor

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Over the years at Skutt Catholic, students have developed some bad habits that, as a whole, we should pledge to work on for our 2017 resolutions.

(pc: birkenstock.com)

Stop wearing Birkenstocks. I feel like no one actually likes this ancient style of shoe, but are rather brainwashed into thinking the 130 dollar investment is worth trying to be trendy.

A demeritable trend I don’t understand is random sweaters. Uniform cardigans match the skirts and embellish the uniform, adding to style and warmth. Random pink loose knit sweaters aren’t warm and don’t match, looking tacky and out of place.

Many students love to throw around the term “Skutt Catholic University” or SCU as some way of adding a quirky nickname for our school. It has gotten quite annoying to say the least. Every weekend there is a picture of a group of girls with the caption “SCU” and I’m truly not sure if they are aware that Skutt is a high school and not a university.

(pc: Nessa Woosley) Non stolen empty parking spots.

Stealing parking spots isn’t the best way to start the year. Let’s try to park in the same spot we left, because when you come back from lunch to find your prime spot taken and you have to park in the back of the lot, it ruins your day.

Among the students of Skutt Catholic, about 10 percent are chair thieves. When there is a lunch on the table in front of a chair, someone is sitting there. Don’t take the chair. It’s not that hard to walk to the edge of the commons and find a chair without a missing wheel.

Leggings don’t make skirts longer. Short skirts are a bad habit Skutt has had for a long time, probably even before my four years here. Students have gotten better at not rolling skirts and teacher have started cracking down on the problem as well. Our students should pledge to keep skirts within the fair guidelines.

(pc: Nessa Woosley)

Procrastinating has been prevalent in schools from the dawn of time. Every student has done it (and probably teachers too). Waiting until the last second isn’t worth the anxiety of possibly not finishing an assignment.

My hope for 2017 is that we make attempts to be considerate of others and try to become the best versions of ourselves. If we fix any of these bad habits Skutt would be a better place.