7 Signs You Are Close With Your Sister

Name a more iconic duo… I’ll wait

Maria Miller, Birdfeed Editor

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Having a sister can be a delightful friendship that you are born into, or a lifelong series of tragic interaction. More often than not, it is both. Being close with a sister creates a unique kind of relationship that no one without it will ever fully understand. The Skutt Catholic hallways are teeming with this particular brand of friendship, whether students recognize it or not. If you can relate to most of these things, then you might be one of the lucky few.

1. You have the same friends

Fenn’s parents
Senior Alexa Fenn (right) and freshmen Erica Fenn (left) posing before their first day back to school.

“Some of my friends, especially my best friend (besides her of course), will all hang out together.  I also know and am close to some of her best friends as well since we all see each other so often.” – senior Alexa Fenn

2. You share a similar taste in clothes

Augustine’s parents
Senior Kelly Augustine (left) and sophomore Katherine Augustine (right) at winter formal

“Some days, actually a lot of days, we get in the car and realize that we are wearing the same exact clothes. One day we got in the car and we both had an old uniform skirt on, black polo, maroon cardigan, Birkenstocks, and matching socks (yes, we have some of the same pairs of socks).” – senior Kelly Augustine

3. You can always have someone to talk to, for better or worse

Fenn’s parents
Freshmen Erica Fenn (left) and Senior Alexa Fenn (right) celebrating after a Friday night football game.

“I can go to her with any problem, situation, or weird story. She is always there to listen to me without judging me. She can also come to me too.”- freshmen Erica Fenn

4. You help each other become better people

Brianna Harrison
Senior Claire Harrison (right) and Junior Brianna Harrison (left) showing off their newest paintings.

“Brianna definitely helps fill in the cracks in places where I need it, what I value the most about Brianna is learning her and how she helps me be a more well-rounded person.” – senior Claire Harrison

 5. You have someone to, just, do things with  

Augustine’s parents
Sophomore Katherine Augustine (right) and Senior Kelly Augustine (left) going out on the town.

“We actually do our homework a lot together after school if both of us are home. Neither of us really love to do things on our own, so if she wants to go shopping or I do, we normally ask each other to go. We also like to watch Criminal Minds together and go out to eat. It feels more like we are best friends rather than just sisters.” – sophomore Katherine Augustine

6. You give each other nicknames

Tim Mergens
Senior Renée Mergens and 2015 graduate Grace Mergens at their family Easter gathering.

Of my favorite things about my relationship with Grace is our nicknames: Eener and Ecarg (our names backwards).” -senior Renée Mergens


7. You can’t imagine yourself without them

Ninneman’s parents
Sophomore Caroline Ninneman (top) and Senior Lizzy Ninneman (bottom) spending quality time together in the great outdoors.

“I look up to my sister Lizzy, she is my role model. I try to exemplify her qualities of leadership and friendliness towards everyone. If I didn’t have her in my life, I definitely think I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her. It’s even hard for me to imagine what it would be like to not get along with Lizzy. I think I would just be sad all the time.” – sophomore Caroline Ninneman


Maria Miller - Flightline Editor-in-Chief

Maria became a member of The Flightline in January of 2016. She is a senior this year involved in slam poetry at Skutt Catholic and spends time with her beloved mule, Shoelace, outside of school. You can email her at [email protected]